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Women – the stories of women who have influenced the world

Get to know the stories of inspirational women of Jewish origin with connection to the territory of today’s Slovakia

They lived here, they were born here, or they have their roots here, and in particular they have influenced the world. Photographer who influenced the development of world photography, revolutionist in the field of sexual research and counseling, one of the founding personalities of psychoanalysis and analysis of child psychology, world capacity in robotics, founder of the Jewish feminist movement in Germany and Hollywood actress. The stories of these and other women are presented in the new exhibition of the Museum of Jewish Culture.


The Slovak National Museum – Museum of Jewish Culture with the support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic prepared another of its monothematic exhibitions in the Zsigray Curia on the Bratislava’s Jewish Street. This time he deals with the stories of those women who have influenced the world.


The exhibition project of the museum wants to present inspirational female personalities of Jewish origin who are related to Slovakia – they were born here, lived here or have Slovak origin – and their activities had an international impact. It was a really demanding selection, in which the curator of the exhibition Michal Budaj focused on personalities from various fields of science, art or business. This “list” of women is far from complete, but his aim was to select stories that would appeal to and attract as many visitors as possible.