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Bratislava, a city ideal for women

Relax during the day and have an adventure in the evening. Go shopping with a friend or to a concert with your daughter. Wellness at breakfast, the theater in the evening. Bratislava knows exactly what women want! Find out for yourself and let yourself be pampered.

Glad to meet you

Bratislava is both traditional and timeless. In the past it was the city where monarchs were crowned, while today Bratislava is a modern metropolis full of inspiration, with a cultural and art scene all its own. But if you really want to get to know Bratislava, you have to come visit. So plan a “girl’s day out” and a good time will be guaranteed for all. Embark with your friends on a tour of the Old City, full of history, and discover the secrets of old Pressburg. So you don’t miss anything, you might wish to hire a guide or take a tour that meets exactly your expectations. A guide can show you both the most beautiful and also the most curious places you simply must see. Follow in the footsteps of kings from the castle to the Old City, learn about the ancient legends of Bratislava during evening walks or marvel at the post-socialist city tour where you can get behind the wheel of the legendary Škoda 1203. Tour the city on foot, or ride the old-time Pressburger bus, an express power boat, a Segway or hire a bicycle. There are many opportunities to get to know Bratislava and the even more experiences it offers you.


What’s happening?

You can be sure anytime you visit Bratislava that you won’t be bored. During the day you can choose from a number of museums and galleries covering different themes to fascinate you all day. If you enjoy rediscovering the past, come to the Museum of Bratislava City History, the Clock Museum or the Museum of Period Interiors. Even if you aren’t just interested in the exhibits, the historical buildings where the museums are located will still enthrall you.


And those keen on art can find extensive collections on display at the Slovak National Gallery, Gallery of the City of Bratislava and the Nedbalka Gallery to satisfy their creative souls. In autumn and winter there are many music and theater events where you can see both Slovak and foreign personalities in live performances. There is opera and ballet at the Slovak National Theater and symphony orchestra concerts at the Slovak Philharmonic to make you feel special. If you come to the capital on the second weekend in October, you can look forward to the city aglow with White Nights, Slovakia’s largest contemporary arts festival. And it’s highly recommended to finish it all off with a delicious dinner and excellent wine during Ladies Night at the Korzo, Zylinder or Flag Ship restaurants. That euphoric feeling from a fantastic day in Bratislava will return almost immediately.


Feeling good

Feast your eyes, savor the scents and feel the autumn colors of the city all around. Sip a rich coffee and sample the tasty desserts, and those brewed and baked in Bratislava are “sinful” to say the least! You will be pleasantly surprised at the many diverse tastes the city offers, and that’s not to mention the poetic romance of Bratislava’s coffeehouses and confectionary shops.

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A proper ladies tour inherently includes quality accommodation, where you can be a part of what you see before your eyes. With a large variety of places to choose from, Bratislava’s hotels and pensions will satisfy even the most demanding clientele. Many of them have wellness centers offering a pleasant place to relax and recharge yourself for the upcoming day. Perhaps the only thing left for perfection is shopping, and places to shop abound in the capital.  Whether your desire runs to modern shopping centers or you prefer more the city’s delightful boutiques, you will certainly not leave with empty hands. If “small and original” gives you pleasure, take a look at the Slovak popular majolica pottery produced by Renáta Hermysová to remind you of the wonderful time spent in Bratislava.

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We believe you’re going to love Bratislava and return home refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

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