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Aldea Club

Each of the nights is classified into a unique musical style and the line-up of artists is carefully selected so that each party offers an original musical story from the beginning to the end of the event

Every Friday the club has quality electronic music ready for you, including techno, melodic techno, house, techhouse and other subgenres of electronic music.

Saturday offers themed parties in the form of hip hop and R’n’B, dance hits from the millennium, 90s and 80s, or regular pop radio music. Their effort is aimed at showing a new perspective on various musical genres through the club events.

A unique night club in the historic center of Bratislava, where every night creates unique experiences through musical talents not only from Slovakia, but from the international scene.

Their priorities include a high-quality sound system, a visual experience and, above all, a high-quality service of the services. According to the owners the main goal is to ensure that visitors feel as comfortable as possible and take away a world-class experience.