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Avra Kehdabra

If you‘re serious about your tea, you cannot miss out on this teeny tea room hidden in a quiet street.

These guys mean business when it comes to Oolong and Matcha. They meticulously hand-pick all the teas on offer, preparing them with the utmost care, using specially filtered water and exactly the right temperature. You can also come to one of their wonderful tea tasting parties to sample some of the best exotic teas of this world. The good news is, you probably won‘t feel intimidated, as Avra Kehdabra chose to decorate their premises in simple and cozy fashion, instead of creating the oh-so-popular faux-Asian space where you need to bow, whisper and sit barefoot. And just as they‘re crazy about tea, they‘re also pretty into reading; lots of interesting books are around to pick through. You can read here or buy something from their small, carefully curated collection. Oh, and the word on the street is, their cakes are out of this world.