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Bunker B-S 4 Lány (The Fields)

The bunker B-S 4 Lány is a remnant of the Bratislava Section of the Czechoslovak Fortification System from 1935-1938, it currently houses a museum.

One of the few Bratislava bunkers that are accessible for public, its exhibits, equipment and the way of sightseeing makes it a unique place not only in the capital, but in the entire country. The original army bunker was entirely destroyed and has been reconstructed since 2011 by a group of volunteers whose work is based on the original documentation and photographs in order to put it back as it was in 1938.

The massive reinforced-concrete structure hides reconstructed firing rooms with original machine guns and anti-tank cannons, metal-plated control posts, an engine room with a working diesel generator, subterranean living quarters, emergency storerooms and a collection of firearms from WWII. Another interesting feature are the revamped premises with a monumental system of authentic antitank and antipersonnel barriers made from concrete, steel and barbed wire.

The 45-minute long guided tours are available each Saturday from 11AM to 6PM from the beginning of April to the end of October. You will be guided by the very volunteers who have been repairing the object since 2011. The tours start every hour in Slovak, with English available upon request.

Entrance fee: 4 €/adult, 2 €/child

You can also visit the bunker B-S 6 Vrba (The Wilow) and the bunker B-S 8 Hřbitov (The Cemetery).