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10 Things You Can Experience Only in Bratislava

10. Chuck Norris Bridge

At first, inhabitants themselves were asked to name the bridge. In the end, however, the authorities did not accept the poll. Despite the official name Cycling Bridge of Freedom, inhabitants keep calling it Chuck Norris Bridge.

9. All blue everything church

Constructed in the style of Hungarian Art Noveau but in modern technology in concrete, this cake like church is one of the kind, a place that enchants many visitors of the city.

8. Cannon balls in house walls

Marking buildings with cannons was a common practice after the Napoleonic Wars. Cannons were supposed to identify the houses that were damaged and were entitled to tax relief. You can find them in the Old Town – on the Old Town Hall building, on Michalská 6 Street or on the Apponyi Palace. Many of such houses have now been demolished, though.

7. Beer at public toilets

It doesn’t sound very tempting, but the opposite is true. Former public toilets are a big hit in Bratislava. Originally visually displeasing spaces now have become unrecognizable. A cozy interior, a stylish terrace and a rich selection of tasty beers from small and quality breweries await you. Visit pubs Steinplatz or Kollárko.

6. Night at the brewery on the Danube

Beer lovers rejoice! You can now spend a night at the brewery! Adding to the fact that you are asleep on a boat on the Danube with the incredible views of the city in the background, you will certainly not be disappointed. The brewery and restaurant Dunajský pivovar offers craft beer of its own production and delicious meals of Slovak cuisine.

5. Military bunker in the most densely populated housing estate in Central Europe

The combination of history and socialist urbanism is so exceptional here that you should not miss this place. Military bunker from the time of World War II in the middle of the housing estate offers visitors both exterior and interior exposition free of charge.

4. Concert in an inverted pyramid

The exceptional Slovak radio building in the center of the city, built in the spirit of socialist realism, is noticeable at first sight thanks to its inverted pyramid shape. The generous interior hides the best concert and recording studios in Slovakia. In the large concert studio, you can find one of the largest organs in Central Europe featuring 6,300 pipes.

3. Forest in the city center

Horský park is a place for meditative types as well as sports enthusiasts. A forest practically in the center of the city – an oasis of peace full of forest paths, lush vegetation, trees and untouched surroundings. Together with the historic mountain house and the legendary pub Funus, they create a unique place to relax.

2. Gallery on a peninsula

The Danubiana Gallery of Modern Art on the Danube Peninsula is an exceptional place in Bratislava. The modern architecture of the building, the dramatic location of the gallery, as well as the attractive exhibitions are the main reasons why Danubiana is being recommended by the world’s most prestigious tourist portals.

1. Gastronomic experience in UFO

You do not have to admire the famous SNP Bridge in Bratislava only from the outside. Take a ride to its summit, where a UFO restaurant specializing in Mediterranean and Asian cuisine is located at 85 meters above the Danube. You can enjoy views of Bratislava from the comfortable chair at the table snacking on something delicious.