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Top 5 Ice Cream Parlors in Bratislava

1. Arthur
Enjoy black ice cream, black cones and round portions full of original flavors. And you’ll be surprised by the thick genuine Belgian chocolate, salted caramel or mascarpone Arthur Ice Cream serves. Those who appreciate healthy eating can also find a great selection here, which includes among other things fully exclusive ice cream made from coconut shell charcoal powder and Indian mango sorbet.

2. Luculus
This ice cream stand, which has stood on Hviezdoslav Square for several decades, still retains its charm and quality. Each day it offers more than 20 kinds of inventive ice cream flavors from around the world, and many of the ice creams it serves are just right for vegans too. Luculus’s reputation rests on fresh ingredients, a smiling staff and, of course, high quality milk. Here you can also enjoy a variety of cakes and coffee.

3. Koun
Produced by hand each day from fresh cream, in original flavors with no preservatives – Koun’s ice cream is an absolute hit in Bratislava. The genuine “gelato” and delicious sorbets here are prepared by a well-known ice-cream maker according to an Italian recipe, and its most attractive flavors include poppy, basil and peanut ice cream.

4. Mondieu
Delicious and pure vegan ice cream – this is what awaits you at Mondieu. The ice cream is fresh every day and served in many wonderful flavors such as peanut butter, brownie and lavender. Treat yourself along with fantastic ice cream to quality coffee, a selection of healthy smoothies, salads or baguettes filled with tasty ingredients.


5. Marinela

Colorful popsicles of all sizes and shapes made of 100% fruit, sweetened only when absolutely necessary…The Italian university, where enthusiasts from all over the world come to learn authentic Italian recipes, gave the owners foundation of journey to pursue their ice cream dream. As they put it: “There is no room for ice cream powder in our recipes. Honest gelato is characterized by the highest quality ingredients, which is why our recipe is also based on fresh ingredients.”