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Valentine’s Day in Bratislava

The Valentine’s period in Bratislava combines love, beauty and pleasure. Enjoy unique moments full of romance in wonderful premises and experience the unrepeatable magic of Bratislava with and its surroundings on you own skin. Savour to be close to each other.

Discover romantic nooks, explore narrow streets, take a walk down the riverfront. Go in the nature. Get inspired by the views, find culture. Choose from the two castles. Bratislava Castle as well as Devín Castle belong to the most romantic places in all Slovakia.

In this city, a genius loci is going hand in hand with the local seasonal gastronomy, modern furnishings and services. Experience a gourmet dinner with candle light, relax, recharge new energy in the wellness and let your senses be tempted to the magical atmosphere.

Don’t be limited. Love is in bloom, it is not dependent on age. Sometimes, the real love comes to you at the second attempt. Prepare your better half an unforgettable Valentine. It is a day for everybody who is in love, for everybody who is seeking love not depending on age.

Come to verify your love to Bratislava during the day and evening dedicated to those who are in love and wish to remind their love at Valentine’s Day.