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Valentine’s experiences in Bratislava

❤️Go on a date in Bratislava or come to Bratislava to fall in love. Excellent time for couples and singles guaranteed and not only on Valentine´s Day!

Start Valentine’s Day with brunch

Visit one of many cosy places and have coffee and brunch. You can choose from cafes and bistros such as Panenská kaviareň, Pán Cakes, Funki Punki, Urban House, Mondieu, Drak&Finch, Ká, Talks, Verne, Fertucha, Kontajner, or from many others. And what about an edible Valentine present in the form of fruit or chocolate bouquet? They will prepare them for you on-the-spot in the fruit confectioner´s shop Chutnička.

Go on a date with the City

Do you like stories? If you belong to curious people, history fascinates you and you like discovering new things, come on a date with the city! You can discover unknown stories in year-round cycles of themed city tours with guides. In addition to walks, you can make a fast round beside the Štrkovec lake, then sit down under little lights in the pier and make a photo in the photo frame of two hearts.

Go on a date with photographer

Take a photographer for wandering through romantic nooks of Bratislava with your love or friends. Taking photos is an excellent present. Discover less known secluded places of Bratislava such as Víno Chvostek (cozy little winery) or Bratislava many fountains and, moreover, you can keep nice memories in photos forever.

Go on a date with giraffe or lama

If you are single or a couple, you can go on a date with animals in ZOO Bratislava from March to May. Go for a walk in the area or give yourself a present feeding lamas alpaca or Rothschild´s giraffes. This experience will be accompanied by an animator. You will meet also the breeder, with whom you will experience commented feeding. The price includes small gift products, certificates and photographs from the course of the day.

Go on a date with art

It is worth to come to Bratislava for art and this applies also on Valentine´s Day. After all, quite a few engagements and weddings have already taken place in the Nedbalka Gallery. You can also stroll among artworks in the DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery in the building of a former heating plant in the new Bratislava downtown.

The Slovak National Theatre has prepared a Valentine present for you called Do not speak of love. Experience love. Get a first-hand experience of love in their ballet or opera performances.

Would you like to create art with your own hands or make a present of this possibility to your significant other? Simply go to an art date together. Experienced lecturers and wine or coffee in the artistic environment are always a good idea.

Go on a date with the gastro scene

In addition to a tasting dinner, a date in the Devín Hotel can be also in the form of massage for singles or tea at five with a friend. Couples can enjoy delicate bubbles in Prosecco with strawberries and a dinner with wonderful views of the historical centre in the intimate atmosphere.

You can also spend Valentine’s Day with upright Slovak cuisine and special menu in Modrá Hviezda (Blue Star) directly under the Bratislava Castle.

If you manage to recite the most famous Slovak love poem Marína, Slovak Pub will serve you wine for free. You and your better half will enjoy it in the former theatre, chin-chin!

Go on a date with darkness and wine

After switching off and staying in the total darkness, you will understand how it looks like when a world of scents and flavours “opens up”. The brain is not able to rely on eyes, and that is why it strengthens other senses. After a while guests throw away their inhibitions to “splash” something in darkness and a very entertaining and pleasant evening arises, complemented by curiosities about wine.

Go on a date with a view

You can feast your eyes on the marvellously reconstructed Michael´s Tower from igloo on the Rooftop terrace by Regalburger. Little lights and lookout bring a special atmosphere with them and you do not get stuck hungry or thirsty.

Bratislava UFO invites for already traditional Valentine’s Day in clouds. Try the Valentine menu or have a drink.

You can experience the romantic Danube with the view of Bratislava from the sailing ship and even have a gastronomic feast.

Go on a date with music

Come to Bratislava for the music and you will not regret. You can choose classic as well as parties.

Let us start with a silky voice and Valentine´s hug of Szidi Tobias & Band. At the concert Love with eyes of St. Valentine, they will inscribe an idea as legacy in you that love should be believed in.

Or how about Valentine’s Day with The Beatles? The Backwards will play amorous compositions from Beatles for you on February 12. The whole show is livened up by visual effects and costumes are worth mentioning as well.

If you like something harder, there is Whiskey Valentine performed by a glam-rock band from Bratislava, Friday Whiskey. You can look forward to excellent band styling, hard music and sharp guitar riffs. Whether you are in love or not, come to Kulturák to charge up before Valentine´s Day and you never know, maybe you meet your Mr. Right/Mrs. Right right here <3

Valentine hangover ’23 invites you too: On February 11 we will be waiting for you in the popular MMC for Megaparty. Come and celebrate the Love Day with young DJs and a Photobooth. There will be a LOVE WALL here as well! The night will be split into several genres: hardstyle, pop, the 2000ies and rap.

It doesn´t matter if it is the Valentine’s Day or not, Bratislava is looking forward to your visit!