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Romantic nooks and crannies of Bratislava

Visiting Bratislava as a couple means enjoying the Slovak capital twice as much, so let the romance of the city seduce you

Take a stroll from the ancient castle through Bratislava’s serene historic heart and on to the Danube embankment that leads to the modern city centre. Spend an evening in the arms of the arts at the theatre or the philharmonic. Pop into a bar for a drink. Wander around on a whim, holding hands and enjoying the views of the illuminated city.

Stray into the lush verdure that accompanies you pretty much every step of the way. Treat yourselves at some of the many fine restaurants, cafés or patisseries. Indulge in a wellness treatment together. Admire the historical beauty around you and enjoy each other’s company. Quite simply, love life. You’ll discover that Bratislava is surprisingly diverse and full of romantic nooks and crannies.

Devín Castle (Hrad Devín)
The iconic ruins of this majestic castle towering above the confluence of the Danube and Morava evoke a wonderful atmosphere. Romantic souls will be won over immediately. The castle, perched on a high cliff, is one of the most visited places not only in Bratislava, but also – as a national symbol – anywhere in Slovakia. The vast grounds combine history, art, and nature, and are the perfect place for a long walk. You will also find several hidden corners awash with greenery. The castle commands views of natural scenery, and the Maiden Tower, shrouded in romantic legends, is impossible not to notice.

Botanical Garden (Botanická záhrada)
If it’s a tranquil beauty spot you’re after, look no further than the idyllic surroundings of the Botanical Garden, hosting flora from all over the world. As you saunter through, you’ll come across a Japanese garden, a pond, a plantation of pine trees, Mediterranean vegetation, Australian flora, diverse rock gardens, and palm trees. There are some 120 species of roses alone in the rosarium here. A picture of romance. And fragrant, too.

Karlova Ves Cove (Karloveská zátoka)
Not that far from the Botanical Garden is the picturesque Karlova Ves Cove, harbouring a small red, white, and blue steamer and an iconic pontoon pub where fishermen, backpackers, and students from the nearby halls of residence hang out. Enveloped in nature, this haven of peace and tranquillity is an inviting oasis from spring to autumn. The boathouses hugging its shores are a joy for water sports enthusiasts.

It may not look like it at first blush, but Bratislava Zoo is another terrific choice for a date. Lovers here will find leafy woodland, a meadow, a refreshingly cool valley, natural lakes, and, of course, 169 species of animals. Revisit your childhood and have fun together looking at pandas, giraffes, and pelicans. And don’t miss the feeding times and shows.

Forest City Park (Horský park)
Bratislava’s wildest park, 150 years in the making, looms practically right above the historic city centre. This is a popular haunt for those who appreciate the silence of the forest and almost unspoilt nature. You can recharge your batteries on the relaxing terrace of the Heinrich Justi Memorial or in the charming lodge that has been made into a community centre with a café, a mini-zoo, and playgrounds. Just a short walk away is an outdoor gallery managed by the Slovak National Gallery.

Bratislava Castle (Bratislavský hrad)
You’re guaranteed to find romance here. The atmospheric castle grounds, the magnificent interior, and the baroque garden will transport you back to the time that Maria Theresa was on the throne in the 18th century. This Bratislava landmark affords spectacular views from the castle terraces that sit on a hill 80 metres above the Danube. The elegant flower-filled French baroque garden with its umpteen trees beckons you to take a leisurely stroll or linger on a bench. The castle grounds are well worth a walk, too, the view changing with every step.

Lanes in the Old Town (Staré mesto)
Lovers have always been drawn to the captivating Old Town, a place that conceals a myriad of quaint alleys and picturesque streets. In the summertime, they echo with the mellow tones of music drifting in from the Old Town’s many corners. The fountains on Hviezdoslav Square, the summer patios, and the small tucked-away alleys – perfect for stealing a kiss – add to the vibe, especially in the warmer months. Lovely romantic nooks can be found on Rudnay Square, in Kapitulska Street, and on Baštova Street.

Blue Church (Modrý kostolík)
The delightful Church of Elizabeth of Hungary, decorated with maiolica and painted in mosaics, will instantly captivate the romantic soul. This architectural gem is popularly known as the Blue Church because of its distinctive blue plaster and blue-glazed roofing. Outside and in, this fairy-tale-like building is the crowning glory of the Pressburg Art Nouveau style and one of the most photographed buildings in all of Bratislava. Already added it to your album?

Tyrš Embankment (Tyršovo nábrežie)
A stroll along this waterfront on the right river bank, dotted with restaurants and bars on the moored boats and the waterside, offers spectacular city views. There is even an urban beach here, a vibrant place in summer and winter alike, offering a blend of respite, entertainment, and culture. It promotes sustainability, uses renewable energy, thoroughly sorts waste, and has its bio-waste recycled. Here in the open air, you will discover a packed programme, culinary delights, and opportunities to get in a bit of exercise. Concerts, film screenings and lectures are popular. Watching the sun set from the comfort of a sandy beach as the Danube flows by is a truly memorable experience.

Iron Well (Železná studienka)
Wherever you are in Bratislava, it’s always just a hop and a skip away from natural scenery. You can recharge at the very popular Iron Well and Partisan Meadow. To the north of this spot, there are ponds where you can go boating and enjoy the peaceful setting of Klepáč Mill. If that’s not enough, you go fishing, ride the cycle paths, or take the cable car to Kamzík.

Bratislava vineyards
In Bratislava, wine is always around the corner. Viticulture is still very much alive here, especially in Rača. Make your way here for a wine tasting, either in the wineries or directly at local winemakers’ vineyards and their stunning views of the city. The Rača Wine Trail is highly recommended. Walk responsibly, though, for tomorrow is another day.

Danube Floodplains (Dunajské luhy)
One of the places in Bratislava where you are quite likely to find yourselves alone is the alluvial woodland of the Danube Meadows Protected Landscape Area, whose pastures and marshes are home to wildlife and protected flora. Its first two sections lie virtually opposite each other on the two banks of the Danube on the southern outskirts of Bratislava. The most well-known of these is Biskupice Meadows. The wildlife here is best enjoyed on a bike. Nothing can beat going on a ride together somewhere you can feel far away from the hubbub of the big city.