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The Forest in the City

It’s only a short leap from the maelstrom of the city into the quiet of a forest. In just a few minutes find yourself in the silence of nature, walking on forest roads and green meadows.

Horský Park, city park designed at the end of the 19th century in a virgin forest, is located in the heart of Bratislava. It is the ideal place for walks or sports. Learn about the history of the park and its natural surroundings along the educational trail and then sit down and have a snack at the 130-year-old historical forester´s house.
Must see: Bratislava’s oldest garden pub, children’s petting zoo, outdoor statue gallery

The Bratislava Forest Park is part of the Little Carpathians, a protected landscape area and an oasis of green for nature enthusiasts to enjoy, a popular destination for family excursions and a location of choice for athletes to work out, along with desirable places to picnic with friends and a secret hideaway for romantic souls.  There are different areas within the forest park to pleasantly relax, along with restored forest paths, gazebos, playgrounds and adventures at Červený Kríž, Dlhé Lúky and Kačín.

Experience true, back to nature romance, spending the night in a tree house at Kačín or Dlhé Lúky.

A prominent landmark in the Koliba section of the forest park is Kamzík (439 meters), whose television tower is perched on the peak of the ridge. Take in a panoramic view of the surrounding area either from the tower revolving restaurant or the 15-meter-high wooden lookout at the meadow called American Square, or from the cable car that runs between Kamzík and Železná studnička. Exercise at the outdoor fitness park, hike along the park’s marked trails or try out mountain biking along the cycle trails.
Must see: summer bobsled track with lift, treetop rope course featuring 42 obstacles, World War I era artillery bunker

Železná Studnička is a recreational center located in the valley of the Vydrica brook. This brook was part of a system of four lakes that used to drive nine water mills, of which the eighth in line, Klepáč, has been preserved. The reconstructed mill serves refreshments and has activities for children. You can also lounge on a boat at Lake 4.
Must see: Partizánska Lúka free-time center offers a fitness park, sports fields, picnic benches with gazebos and fireplaces, a natural amphitheater and an education trail providing information about the trees growing here.