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On Two Wheels

Adore the countryside from your bicycle seat! Ride the cycle trails either along the Danube or directly in the woods.

From the city center there are connections to two international bicycle trails: Danube Cycle Trail (Eurovelo 6) and Iron Curtain Trail (Eurovelo 13). Enjoy the forest Pečniansky les on the Petržalka side of the Danube and continue toward Austria. You can also reach Devin Castle by bicycle and continue on to the cross-border cycle bridge at Devínska Nová Ves. In the opposite direction from the center of Bratislava, the cycle trail runs along the Danube embankment to Čunovo and then to Hungary.

Enjoy a comfortable ride along the forest paths of the Bratislava Forest Park or be courageous and start from Kamzík across the “Rohatka“ and “Driver” obstacle downhill trails. You can even take your bicycle in the cable car that runs between Kamzík and Železná Studnička stations. Extend your stay and ride across the entire Little Carpathians Cycle Trail network.

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