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Protected Wildlife by the Morava

The former Iron Curtain limited human impact along the Morava River, conserving precious natural wealth.

Devínska Kobyla is at 514 meters the highest peak in Bratislava, lying within the eponymous national nature reserve. Inside these protected areas, visitors are allowed to move only along marked trails. There are magnificent views of the Morava River along the education trail between Devínska Nová Ves and Devín.

Must see: Dendropark with original trees, the cycle bridge across the Morava between Devínska Nová Ves and Austria, Iron Curtain Museum, Geological Museum in Nature, Devin Castle and a lookout tower.

Sandberg is a sandstone deposit with remnants of the sea that was here 15 million years ago. More than 350 fossils of ancient marine animals, bivalve shellfish, shark teeth and whale vertebrae have since been found. The beauty of this exceptional paleontological site can be admired from the educational path that runs along the blue trail to Devin.

The Morava River basin has a preserved complex of floodplain forests and meadows alongside a network of oxbow lakes. This ecosystem has become a refuge for rare plant and animal species. Observe birds and wander meadow of the river along the 79 kilometers of Slovakia’s longest educational trail, with 39 signs full of information. Cyclists are also welcome here.