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City Parks and Gardens

Take a break from the urban bustle and hustle and discover these cozy, green corners to get away from it all right in the city center.

The history of these Bratislava parks goes all the way back to the 18th century, and today they are still places to relax, meet friends and play sports, as well as venues for different events.

Walk the promenade at Hviezdoslavovo Square right in the heart of Bratislava, with its alleys, fountains and plenty of occasions for celebration. Stop by the park at Šafárikovo Square with the Kačacia (Duck) Fountain, or sit on the grass of the Medicka Garden, where performances happen, people exercise, there is also a children’s playground and even a café to sit down and enjoy it all.

Grassalkovich Garden surrounds the former summer palace of 18th century Hungarian Count Grassalkovich and is now the residence of the President of the Slovak Republic. Something worth seeing in the park is the presidential row of trees planted by the heads of states during their visits to Slovakia.

Must see: equestrian statue of Empress Maria Theresa, a place for children to have fun, outdoor exhibitions of modern art.

Sad Janka Kráľa City Park on the right bank of the Danube is the oldest public park in Central Europe. It was established in 1774-1776 where floodplain forests once stood. The park has walkways shaded by trees, spacious meadows and paths intersecting throughout the park. Growing here are mammoth plane trees over two centuries old together with exotic trees. During cultural events in the summer, a stay in this green oasis in the city is often accompanied by the sound of melodies from different musical genres.

Must see: statues depicting the signs of the zodiac, a gazebo from the original Franciscan church tower and a playground with attractions for children.

Relax in the shades of the trees near Bratislava Castle overlooking the city. Visit also the Baroque castle garden, reconstructed according to designs that were used during the reign of Maria Theresa.

Must see: exhibit at the Museum of History of the Slovak National Museum, castle restaurant, cultural programs and culinary events

The Botanical Garden located on the Danube waterfront soothes the soul and provides a feast for the eyes. Here you can find all colors of flowers, rocks, lakes and exotic plants in greenhouses. The walkways are lined with trees from all over the world. A garden with 120 different kinds of roses offers a spot for fragrances to dazzle.