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Bratislava Offers a Perfect Gourmet Experience

Do you want to try out dishes prepared by master chefs, taste specialties from the time of the monarchy or do you prefer something more exotic? Bratislava has long been a crossroads of different nations and cultures, so the local offer will satisfy every gourmet pallet with both traditional and modern cuisine.

A toast to Pressburg cuisine

Hotel Carlton is not only one of the most prestigious hotels in the city but in its Savoy Restaurant one of the top 20 chefs in Slovakia will give you the perfect culinary experience. Jozef Riska does not hide his love for the cuisine from the times when Bratislava was called Pressburg.

“Our chef cooks in the style of Pressburg housewives, but in a modern way,” says Zuzana Timková, head of the marketing department.

He puts stress on the quality and freshness, so you will always find traditional dishes like veal schnitzel, roasted duck with lokša (a kind of potato pancake) with red cabbage, sturgeon, and seasonal specialties on the menu.

The Zylinder Restaurant opposite Carlton on Hviezdoslavovo Square is another restaurant restoring the traditional cuisine. Its pleasant staff will be happy to advise you on what specialty to choose and what wine will complement it best.

It’s worth taking trip to the opposite bank of the Danube River where you can select from a rich offer of duck and goose meals. In the Leberfinger Restaurant, located in the Sad Janka Kráľa Park, whose history dates back to the times of Maria Theresa, you will feel like genuine citizens of Pressburg. If you are a holder of the Bratislava CARD City & Region tourist card, you will get a 10 percent discount.

After a good meal, enjoy traditional pastries baked with love according to the original recipes and served on the historic porcelain at the patisserie Kondithorei Kormuth.

Top gastro with view

There are several restaurants in Bratislava where the gastronomic experience is combined with magnificent views. The highest restaurant in the city is VEŽA Restaurant Bistro Bar right in the TV tower on the hill Kamzík. Sit in its revolving part to fully enjoy a panoramic view from a height of 101 metres during lunch or dinner.

You can admire the famous SNP Bridge from the inside too. Take the lift to its top where the UFO Restaurant, specialising in Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, is located 85 metres above the Danube River. Right from the table, you have an excellent view over the whole city. Historic buildings in the embrace of the Danube and modern high-rise buildings have a particularly strong atmosphere in the evening.

The glass-covered terrace of the Sky Bar Restaurant on Hviezdoslavovo Square offers unique views right in the very centre of the city. Its modern cuisine is packed with the finest Thai specialties. Holders of the Bratislava CARD City & Region tourist card have discounts in both restaurants.

Crème de la crème

If you’re in the mood for upscale cuisine, visit one of the restaurants placing high in gastro rankings such as Fou Zoo, Liviano, UFO or the restaurants at hotels River Park and Albrecht. Even though they aren’t in the city centre, it will not take you more than 15 minutes to reach the furthest one.

The Riverbank Restaurant combines top gastronomy with an elegant space and a unique view of the Danube. It is Jaroslav Žídek, a legend among chefs, who changes the menu twice a year.

“In each menu, I’m looking for something new that I have not done yet and my guests do not know,” says the famous chef. Sometimes, it’s about good luck when he comes across a new product and sometimes, he pursues the classic and adjusts only the design.

To taste the best wines in Slovakia, the National Collection of Wine is your best bet. Every year, experts choose the top 100 wines from all over Slovakia, which can then be tasted by visitors during specialised wine tasting programmes at the Apponyi Palace’s historic cellar.