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About City

About City

Why should you visit?

The answer is simple - because it’s all here. History, architecture, tradition, culture, art, drinks, food and nightlife.

Located on the River Danube, Bratislava is easily accessible and a great place to hang out. It’s safe, friendly, hassle-free and there is always something worth doing; whether you’re here for an afternoon, a week or a year.

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Coronation City

Imagine being the organiser for really major event – the coronation of the King of Hungary.

But in 1563 when it was time to crown Maximilian as the new Hungarian king, Etzergom was under the control of Hungary’s bitter enemy, the Ottoman Turks. The solution? To move the ‘Red Carpet Event’ to Bratislava, known then as Pozsony, which was considered a safe heaven thanks to its double fortification wall. Maximilian was so pleased he gave the people of Bratislava a beautiful fountain in Hlavné námestie (The Main Square) which is still functional today.

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Modern City on the Danube

“Old man river, he just keep rollin’ along” - at least according to the classic American musical Showboat. These lyrics describe the Mississippi River, but they certainly apply to the mighty Danube, too.

Bratislava lies on the beautiful blue Danube, arguably the most important river in central Europe. And no, the river was not named after Johann Strauss waltz. It was the other way round. It is said that Strauss composed the first melodies of his famous waltz in Bratislava in 1852.

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Three Countries – One Destination

Bratislava, for much of its history, was a three-language town. Its citizens spoke Slovak, Hungarian and German.

Visitors of Bratislava can view the closeness of Austria and Hungary from the Crown Tower of the Bratislava Castle. The tower is the oldest part of the castle and on a clear day offers a 360-degree view of Hungary and Austria, as well as the Czech Republic.

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