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Bratislava City Days

The Municipality of Bratislava again opens its doors wide to all Bratislavians and visitors. Please come enjoy free entrance to city museums, institutions and attractions, free sightseeing tours, workshops, competitions, free river cruise, historical vehicles rides, presentations, exhibitions and many other interesting programmes and events. The Bratislava City Days take place in April

The annual Municipality Doors Open Days are an inseparable part of the modern history of Bratislava. Around the end of April, the mayor of the town was traditionally elected in Bratislava, based on a charter of the King Andrew III on granting municipal privileges in the course of a relatively long historical period.

Bratislava City Days will be held in the fourth weekend of April. The manifold programme will be held at many different venues, aiming to connect the city as a one unit, while offering a high number of smaller formats at various places on April 20. & 21. 2024.

Full program

* We would like to inform visitors that a photographic and/or video recording may be made during the festival for the purpose of promoting Bratislava and the event.