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Bratislava Coronation Days 2019

We shall commemorate the glourious past of Bratislava this year with a series of events. Residents and visitors to the city will be able to enjoy the coronation atmosphere through cultural events, theater performances, concerts of sacred music, worship, period music and games.

Those interested in finding out more about the history of the coronation will be able to receive regular guided tours in English, German and Hungarian organized by the Bratislava Tourist Board’s Tourist Information Center.

During the event there will be free tours on the topic of coronations in Slovak, English, German and Hungarian languages. More info to be found HERE.

Under the auspices of the Municipality of the Capital City of Bratislava, and in cooperation with municipal institutions Bratislava Culture and Information Center (BKIS), Bratislava Tourist Board, Bratislava City Gallery, Bratislava City Museum, The Bratislava City Library, Bratislava City Archive, the city of Bratislava prepares varied programme of different genres for diverse audiences with the coronation theme.

Take part in period coronations and “Become a Royal” yourself at the Coronation Photo Video Point at the ground floor of Michael’s Gate. Michael’s Gate was an integral part of the coronation route followed by the kings who were crowned in Pressburg as they left the city to where they would take their oath. The Coronation Photo Video Point is where you will find rooms with period furnishings and an authentic 3D model of the historical city marking the route coronation processions took. You can make an image and upload a video of yourself in period costume with the coronation insignia and become a part of a historical exposition. You can record both a photograph and video displaying a scene from the coronation and then print or share it with your friends through e-mail.



Children’s Coronation Parade

  • Rudnay Square at 3:00 PM
  • Route: St. Martin’s Cathedral – Rudnay Square, Vydrická Gate, Panská Street, Ventúrska Street, Michalska Street, Michael’s Gate, Biela Street, Franciscan Church, Old Town Hall Courtyard
  • In cooperation with the Bratislava City Museum

Coronation Holy Mass for Bratislava People

  • St. Martin’s Cathedral at 7:00 PM
  • Holy Mass will be celebrated by Mons. Stanislav Zvolenský, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bratislava
  • Performance: Cathedral choir and orchestra of St. Martin
  • In cooperation with the Archdiocese of Bratislava

Open Doors Day at the Bratislava City Archives

  • Markova Street no. 1, Petržalka, 9:00 AM  – 4:00 PM
  • They flew across the Danube, across the wide water… European river in the documents of the Bratislava City Archive
  • An unusual view of the relationship between the city and the river through historical maps, medieval documents, modern writings and other interesting documents that are not known to the general public.


Coronation Parade

  • Bratislava Castle at 1:00 PM
  • Route: Bratislava Castle – Vienna Gate, Palisady, Zámocká Street, Kapucinska Street, Župné Square, Michael’s Gate, Michalska Street, Venturska Street, Panska Street, Rudnay Square, under SNP Bridge, Židovská Street, Zamocka Street, Palisady, Bratislava Castle – Vienna Gate
  • Cast: Tostabur group
  • The coronation parade in period costumes with coronation insignia begins with a two-hour parade through the city. Passing Bratislava citizens and tourists are welcome to join. Upon arrival at Bratislava Castle, the coronation insignia will be stored in a tent protected by halberds.

Take a photo at the Bratislava Castle 

  • Do you want to take a picture with the coronation insignia? Feel free!

In the name of the Crown I.
The final stage of the parade at the Bratislava Castle with a program

  • Eastern terrace of Bratislava Castle, from 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
  • The Herald and drummer will guide visitors through a varied program In the name of the Crown, which will also include demonstrations of traditional crafts, falconers and a program for families with children. There will also be a wooden carousel and period games.


Opening ceremony: In the name of the Crown II.
Demonstrations of training birds of prey and night owls

  • Have you seen a common buzzard circling in the air or attacking a falcon? What did hunting look like in the past? Why did the falcon have an incalculable value? Get to know the world of noble predators up close.
  • Cast: falconry group Horus

Heroes of anti-Turkish fights

  • Thanks to the fencing-theatrical performance, viewers will find themselves in a time of bloody struggles and get to know the personalities of our history who gave their lives when defending their homeland.
  • Cast: group Tostabur

Period fashion show 

  • Discover the secrets of the Renaissance costumes of the European royal courts. How did superstitions, social status, and religion affect fashion?
  • Cast: costume studio Elijana

Adorea: Heroes

  • Theater and fencing performance.

City of Sezekesfehervár, presentation of the coronation city

Theater Havran: A fairy tale about three princesses and a dragon

  • Funny fairy tale for children and their parents.

Theater Tyjátr: Hercules and the Conquest of Hell

  • Puppet theater performance inspired by Greek mythology and heroic acts of the famous Hercules.

Open Doors Day at the Bratislava City Archives

  • Markova Street no. 1, Petržalka, 9:00AM  – 4:00 PM
  • They flew across the Danube, across the wide water… European river in the documents of the Bratislava City Archive
  • The event will include a lecture by doc. Petr Pišút from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University on the development of the Danube river in the area of today’s Bratislava using original maps from the archive on Saturday, September 14 at 1 PM.
  • Lecture by Mgr. Ján Kúkel about fishermen’s guild and Mgr. Kristína Hrivňáková about the boatmen’s guild.
  • In cooperation with the Bratislava City Archives

Screening of the documentary In the footsteps of the Holy Crown and our coronation treasures

  • Faust Hall of the Bratislava City Museum, Old Town Hall, 5:00 PM
  • Author’s film by Krisztián Bárány In the footsteps of the Holy Crown and our coronation treasures. The work will be presented by the co-author and historian prof. Dr. Géza Pálffy from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The film is 65 minutes long and is presented in Hungarian with Slovak subtitles. It is currently one of the few films devoted to the issue of Hungarian royal coronations. The presentation will be followed by a short discussion with prof. Pálffy.
  • In cooperation with the Bratislava City Museum and the Bratislava City Archive


Coronation Concert

  • Primate’s Square at 5:00 PM
  • Performance: Bratislava Choir and Cappella Istropolitana – Bratislava Chamber Orchestra

Solamente Naturali

  • Zichy Palace courtyard, Ventúrska 9, 4:00 PM
  • Baroque concert, free entry
  • In case of bad weather, the concert will take place in the music lounge on the 2nd floor
  • In cooperation with the Old Town district


Reading in the Municipal Library on Kapucínska Street

  • accompanying activities for children
  • 10.9., 11.9. and 12.9. at 5.00 PM

Coronation photo-video point

  • Michael’s Tower, open to the public until September 30, 2019
  • Period furnishings, costumes, coronation insignia and special photo-video point will take you to the times of coronation Bratislava.
  • Every business day (except Monday) from 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM, Saturday from 11.00 AM – 6.00 PM
  • Free entry

Guided Coronation Tours in English, German and Hungarian for Free

Meeting point: in front of the Tourist Information Center on the Primaciálne Square
September 14, Saturday

  • 11:00 – guided tour in Hungarian
  • 15:00 – guided tour in Hungarian
  • 15:00 – guided tour in English
  • 15:00 – guided tour in German

* Program subject to change

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