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Cabbage Days

At the beginning of autumn, attention in the town of Stupava near Bratislava will be devoted to cabbage, ‘zelé’ in Záhorie dialect

The biggest festival in Záhorie Region, Dni zelá, seeks to preserve the tradition of growing and processing the regional varieties of cabbage, which were and are known for their special taste and excellent quality. From cabbage, through the traditional craft fair, to musical delicacies, the festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.


The Cabbage Days festival in Stupava has been taking place since 1996 and soon ranked to the biggest festivals in the Záhorie Region. It is also a festival of folk culture, aiming to preserve local traditions. This year, the festival will take place from September 30 to October 2.

The festival pays attention to cabbage symbolizing the heritage of the ancestors and excellent gastronomic delicacies from it – sauerkraut soup, potato dumplings with sauerkraut or cabagge pasties. Those who do not like cabbage, will certainly appreciate other goodies of a fair character, baked sausage, loksha, trdelníks, lángos, crispy baked duck or goose, pork sausages made from minced meat and rice or grits, draught beer and coke like drink Kofola or cotton candy.


The celebration of the cabbage harvest in the town, where the conquerors alternated with the peasants, will be the 24th time this year. In addition to cabbage, the days in Stupava also include music, the market, the bookstore and culture. The organizers tried to create a varied program offer this year, which will attract both children and adults. In addition to music concerts and competitions, visitors will be able to use the book market, various exhibitions or merry-go-rounds.


The festival is also known as regional folklore festival in order to maintain traditional culture. Performances will include guests from the neighbouring regions of Weinviertel – Lower Austria (Austria), South Moravia (Czechia), and Mosony-Sopron-Györ (Hungary). The main goal of the festival is to preserve the tradition of growing and processing regional varieties of cabbage that are famous for their specific taste and excellent quality as well as the presentation of local collections, associations, cultural monuments and, last but not least, local culinary specialties.

An annual part of the varied programme is a three-day craft fair, a harvest-themed exhibition, Competition for the heaviest cabbage head, Competition for the most beautiful pumpkin ghost or Competition for the most beautiful collection of fruit and vegetables and the most difficult pumpkin. Also attractive is the cabbage soup cooking competition titled ‘We’re Cooking from Cabbage’.


The three-day cabagge festival organised by Stupava Municipal Cultural and Information Centre is based on the rich tradition of growing and processing cabbage from Stupava and supports the preservation and development of local and regional traditions. Local cabbage sorts become well appreciated both by growers and customers due to their outstanding quality and taste. Therefore, the main goal of the largest festival in the region Zahorie dedicated to cabbage is to keep alive traditions of cabbage growing and its processing. The festival always attracts many visitors to the town through its unique offerings, including traditional products, cabagge variations, roasted goose, and delicious young wine.


The cabbage festival in Stupava in Bratislava vincinity counts to the biggest festivals in the region of Záhorie and has been founded in 1996. The festival represents regional folklore and focuses on the preservation of traditional culture. The main idea of the event is to preserve the traditions of growing and processing different sorts of cabbage, which are known for their specific taste and exceptional quality. The event also features a manifold cultural programme, competitions, attractions, food and concerts.

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