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Coronation Ceremonies

History has not died and the monarchs have not yet completely disappeared. Check it out in Bratislava

All lovers of history, traditional gastronomy and entertainment will find the real goods in coronation Bratislava. Coronation Ceremonies in Bratislava belong to the largest cultural events in Slovakia and present the 18 coronations of kings and queens who were crowned in Bratislava in an experiential way.


Only few cities can boast of having coronation ceremonies held there. This privilege was granted to Bratislava for 267 years, when the coronation of the Hungarian kings took place here. Between 1563 and 1830, 10 kings, 1 queen and 7 royal consorts were crowned here, who were also Czech kings, German kings and also admired the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. In this way, they unified almost the entire Central European area and participated in determining the course of European and world events.


The ceremonies take place annually on the last weekend in June to commemorate the coronation of Maria Theresa, who was crowned 25 June 1741. The coronation is staged according to historical documents. It is performed by more than 200 actors in period costumes. The sovereign receives St. Stephen’s crown from the archbishop of Esztergom –the Primate of Hungary – along with other coronation insignia: the sword, cloak, orb and scepter. After the coronation ceremony, he appoints the knights of the Order of the Golden Spur, takes the oath to the country and promises to maintain the integrity of the country on the coronation hill.


Commemorative coronation tokens are thrown about as part of the coronation procession, free wine flows from the fountain, oxen are baked, and the contemporary coronation craft fair with many other attractions create a true coronation atmosphere in the city.

The coronation ceremonies are traditionally held on the weekend closest to 25 June in memory of the coronation of Maria Theresa. Each year, they bring the coronation of another monarch or his wife closer in order than they have followed. The exception is Maria Theresa, whose coronation is commemorated by the capital every five years, because her reign was the golden period of Bratislava.

Maria Theresa was a Hungarian and Czech queen of the House of Habsburg and an Austrian archduke since 1740. She was the only woman to reign on the Czech throne. She was the third, last woman in history on the throne of Hungary. The ceremony of her coronation can be enjoyed on June 25 at 4 p.m. at Hviezdoslav Square.


Come to recall the atmosphere of the past with period accompaniment and the coronation ceremony.