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Echoes, Messages

In the latest presentation of her work, the painter Viera Palárik Margetová was fascinated by Irish medieval manuscripts, evangelicals

The inspiration through the illuminations of the evangelicals, realizing their exceptional artistic and ideological values, arose naturally on the painter’s creative path to date, and worked towards it.

She discovers as if involuntarily abstracted configurations and compositions of autonomous pictorial speech. The initial intention to freely interpret the themes and principles of icon painting grew and matured into a special author’s poetics.

Ms. Palárik Margetová shows in this poetry a high culture of composition painting in refined autochthonous colorism, in shape definitions and in the use of all elements of the painting in the acquired language of characters. Each canvas contains several colored layers, repeatedly applied and stripped.

The painter appreciates the linear outlines of the compositions, the autonomy of the line and other compositional elements, the character articulation of figural and animal motifs. Color plays a special role in the author’s interpretations of illuminations. It is processed by the palimpsest method.