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Ex post

A presentation of the latest work of Ján Zelinka, but at the same time, due to the continuous nature of his production, it is a balancing exhibition

It reflects the author’s fascination with topics such as death or temporariness/transience. Zelinka’s work could be identified as a relentless search for a new artistic language, a language which, together with a deep and profound immersion in topics related to man, physicality, creates records of existence and works with polarity presence/absence.

The Prešov sculptor inventionally moves between drawing, sculpture and object, tests fragility and durability, creates impressions, casts, traces and records of the body, he is interested in memory and preservation.

The exhibition at the White & Weiss Gallery in the curatorial selection of Silvia L. Čúzyová presents the older works of Zelink – metal sarcophagi, plaster sculptures of dead animals, original sculptural portraits, but also the latest line of his work “Anonymous” – paper objects/drawings in the space, which the author understands as his personal dialogue with dead animals.