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Forestry Days

Forests are bridges for cooperation. The days of celebrating the work and mission of the foresters will also show you this

Forestry Days are a nationwide event for all those who love Slovak forests and nature. You can look forward to a truly rich programme. The poetry of wood awaits you, you will be able to play with it and give it a second chance.

Every year in late April and early May foresters across the country organize this event. This is another campaign year within the project of building the general public’s positive attitude towards forests and nature conservation.

The City Forests Bratislava will join the Forestry Days on 22 and 23 April. The aim of this event is to actively present forests, nature protection and forestry in the form of various events, programs and activities of forest pedagogy. A program entitled Wood Poetry will take place on the meadow Partizánska lúka from 9:30 to 15:30. The event will be attended by forestry organizations, nature conservation organizations, beekeepers or hunting association. The event is co-organized by several partner organizations in the fields of forestry and environmental protection.

Foresters and environmentalists have prepared competitions and activities for visitors aimed at exploring the forest, plants, animals and nature conservation. Children can try a sensation path, throwing pine cones, identify and learn about forest animals, learn why and how to separate waste, who lives in Vydrica, etc. Popular activities include boating on the pond, jumping in the inflatable castle and riding the Snežienka – Kamzík (Koliba) chairlift. Activities such as sawing wood and throwing logs are prepared for adults.

The highlight of this year’s forest days will be the performance of falconers, tasting bee products and workshops for children – wiring, carving and the participation of a bio farm. The program will culminate in a closing ceremony and lighting bonfires followed by subsequent concert.



Competitions for children until 15:00
9 a.m. Hunting dog show
Let’s play with wood – forest pedagogy activities
Let’s give wood a second chance! – creative workshops and technical work with wood
From the forester’s diary – My dear friends
The forest hidden in a book – In words and steps along the Dendrological Trail 11:00, 13:00 meeting at the bonfire
20 years of PEFC Slovakia
Demonstrations of forestry activities, hunting, beekeeping, traditional puppet show Teatro Carnevalo – Gasparko and the magic box
Falconry performance
Animals from the biofarm
3:30 p.m. Bonfire
4 p.m. Concert of a musical group