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Long Night of Museums in the Bratislava City Museum

Bratislava municipal museologists want to enjoy their annual celebration with you this year too

In addition to extended opening hours and night tours of the museum, they have prepared a program for all ages. You can look forward to lectures on rare objects in the Museum of the City History, a special DJ set in the Museum of Clocks mixed with Tone S and the opening ceremony of a new exhibition in Ancient Gerulata.

The Bratislava City Museum is pleased to open a brand new permanent exhibition in the UNESCO site, presenting the findings from the site of the former Roman camp Gerulata as part of Limes Romanus. Archaeological finds try to bring closer the working day of soldiers in the camp, as well as the life, social composition and activity of the inhabitants of the civilian settlement and the more distant hinterland with villas and rustic settlements. Accessibility will also include an accompanying programme that will present the site in a broader context, whether natural or historical. Look forward to a guided tour for families with children, a guided tour of Gerulata, but also guided walks around Rusovce. There will also be a music program taken care of by the Mucha Quartet.

Would you like to look outside the walls of the Old Town Hall and learn more about the objects from the museum’s collections? What is the story of the most precious object of the museum? How did the city get its rights? What did the municipality used to look like? Why were targets shot at in the past in the image of the monarch? What is a guild and what were the different guilds in Bratislava? What else can be made of copper? How was your business in Bratislava? Why did Bratislava residents use a golden broom and spatula in their households? The answers to these and other questions will be provided by lecturers in the Museum of the City History.

Have you ever experienced the evening atmosphere on Jewish Street? During Saturday evening there will be a special hourly DJ set in front of the Museum of Clocks, which will be prepared for you by the Slovak rapper Tono S. In the exhibition of the museum located in the House of the Good Shepherd you will be able to see our oldest sundials, watch how the methods of time measurement have changed, or even clocks that are interesting as art objects.

1 to 6 p.m. – opening of the new Gerulata exhibition “On the borders of the Roman Empire”
6 to 8 p.m. – lectures on selected subjects in the Old Town Hall
8 to 9 p.m. – 1-hour set with Tono S at the Museum of Clocks

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