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Open Wine Cellars Day

The most famous wine event in Slovakia? The Little Carpathian Wine Route!

It’s that autumn time again when wine finally starts to feel comfortable in barrels. Like every November, the most beautiful wineries will open their cellars for friends of wine culture at the Little Carpathian Wine Route. 164 winemakers will spill their beans in 137 cellars.

With good wine, food, friends and good mood you can enjoy the atmosphere of wine cellars in Little Carpathian region from Bratislava to Trnava. The 22nd year of wide open doors of wine cellars in southwestern Slovakia will take place as usual at the end of November.


In Slovakia, you can visit unique places, wine regions abundant in many flavors and attractions. Little Carpathian Viticultural Area contains 12 wine-growing districts located in the Little Carpathians. This is undoubtedly the largest area of this kind in Slovakia.

The Little Carpathian Viticultural Area is known for excellent red wines characteristic of difficult climatic conditions, as well for excellent white riesling, and highly appreciated for its quality wines. No wonder, then, that this famous event is taking place here.


Little Carpathian Wine Route combines several phenomena – wine, country, history and gastronomy of the area between Bratislava and Trnava as major centres of southwestern Slovakia. Even though the Little Carpathian Wine Route is an experience wine lovers look forward to all year, fans of architecture, history or nature walks will enjoy themselves, too. After all, strolling along vineyards refreshes not only the body but also the soul!

The Open Wine Cellars Day is always a sought-after event, as it celebrates the hard but beautiful work of winegrowers and winemakers. This event at Little Carpathian Wine Route promotes the tradition of young wine consumption and viticulture. Each year, it lets visitors peek directly into winemaker’s cellars.


You can look forward to small cozy cellars and large modern wineries of Devín, Nové Mesto, Vajnory, Rača, Svätý Jur, Limbach, Modra, Častá, Doľany and Trnava. Excellent Little Carpathian wines, warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly meetings are ingredients for success.

Should you have time and the desire, you are cordially invited to spend the third weekend of November with the winemakers of Little Carpathian region. This year, the wineries of the Little Carpathian region will open their gates on November 18 and 19.

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