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Rendez-vous at the Gardens

Fifteen interesting Bratislava locations will reveal their colorful secrets

Much like the last year, also this year’s first week of June will see the Parks and Gardens Doors Open Days as a part of the international volunteer “Rendez-vous at the Gardens“.

The latest Rendez-vous at the Gardens will be held from Friday 3 June, when most activities will be targeted at schools, to Sunday 5 June. This year’s theme is “Gardens and climate change”.

The Parks and Gardens Days event will provide an opportunity to consider the impact of climate change on parks and gardens – changing plant ranges, the lengthening and shortening of the seasons, early blooming, the spread of new parasites and the like – and to chat with professionals about how they are adapting to these challenges so gardens remain biodiversity reserves for the good of humanity and all life forms.

For its nineteenth year, Open Parks and Gardens Weekend events will be organised in 2,200 gardens in France, and for the fourth year in more than 500 gardens across twenty other participating European countries: Andorra, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

The aim of this festival is to present and celebrate the values of the parks and gardens and their importance to people. The event is a part of the international initiative of the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Culture of the French Republic entitled “Rendez-vous aux jardins”.

Popular with garden enthusiasts and the public, Open Gardens Weekend introduces the public to the wealth and variety of historic and contemporary gardens, from landscaped parks to formal, botanic, exotic and kitchen gardens. It also fosters conversation between people active in the world of gardens – owners, gardeners, botanists and so on – and members of the public of all ages. And it highlights the many efforts made to study, protect, preserve, restore, promote and create gardens and to pass on the knowledge and know-how of garden professionals.

In Bratislava, find the open premises at these venues: Former Pálfy Garden on Zámocká Street, Liszt Garden on Klariská Street, Franciscan Monastery Garden, Pruger-Wallner Garden on Nekrasova Street, Parish Garden Bratislava – Calvary, Ateliér.EM and ZáHRADA Gallery on the corner of Gorazd Street and Langsfeld Street, Bratislava Calvary on the Calvary Hill, Lourdes Cave at Hlboká Road, Koch Garden on Partizánska Street, Pistori Palace Garden on Štefánik Street, Slavín Memorial, Hausnatura Hydroponic Farm on Pajštún Street, Caritas Slovakia Garden on Kapitulská Street, Albrecht House Garden on Kapitulská Street, park at Jurajov dvor