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Street Food Park vol. 50

You can have a great meal in the Old Market Hall also the fifth month of this year

During five days, the May edition of Street Food Park in Bratislava’s Old Town will offer the opportunity to enjoy great street food in an unique atmosphere. This time it brings not only popular fix stars, but also several new products. Look forward to delicacies from all of the world.

Once a month, Street Food Park brings to the square in front of the Old Market Hall and to its interior retailers with quality and imaginative street food. In a pleasant atmosphere and “standing” you can enjoy lunch, late snack or strengthen yourselves in front of the evening program in the city. In addition, Street Food Park has a Zero Waste philosophy.

Daily Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 10 p.m., you will find vendors with burgers, hot dogs, wraps, Slovak “párance”, stuffed “trdelník” spit cakes, “hiadlovec” and “lepenec” cheeses, gluten-free meals, coffee, chocolate, Old Town Hall soda, apple ciders, wines from Svätý Jur and various other delicacies.

Street Food Park respects nature, all waste is separated and recycled here. There are 2 recyclation points with assistents, who will instruct you how to sort the waste into the right bins. At the same time, they use biodegradable cutlery and dishes to serve foods. You won’t find any plastic cutlery here.


Even at the third Street Food Park this year, you can’t miss the Trhance jak párance, which, in addition to traditional fruit flavors, have prepared e.g. “párance” with baked potatoes, cream and bacon or “párance” with breadcrumbs. On Wednesday you can also look forward to their limited cottage cheese special with strawberries.

Trnava Schmarn is similarly tasty. In their case, the question is whether you’re a sweet entree or just a dessert. The answer will make you feel better in both cases. Throughout Street Food Park, they will welcome you in a new dress and offer a fresco with vanilla cream or spilled egg liqueur, gingerbread plums or apple cinnamon puree, or forest fruit, as well as caramel or white chocolate. You can sprinkle them with poppy seeds with sugar, nuts with sugar, coconut, but also cocoa with sugar. And as a special treat, they prepared a shamrock with peanut cream sweetened with coconut-flower sugar.

Bechu by Rodkva, a street food inspired by Korean cuisine, will also return. They prepared their traditionally unconventional kimchi snacks. You can start the feast with a soup with pork, sesame and coriander, continue with a spicy slider burger with chicken and cabbage kimchi slaw in a butter brioche and finish with a salty dessert in the form of shrimp with fermented smoked chili salsa, jasmine rice and salad.

Also Take Paella will come. In their booth you can easily choose something good. For example, traditional Spanish cold tomato and cucumber soup gazpacho, crispy fried potatoes patatas with spicy sauce or world-famous paella with chicken or seafood or various types of croquettes. Crumpel’s Poutinerie will be a novelty at Street Food Park in May. It will carry the Canadian goodie based on homemade fries, cheese and “gravy”, which is a warm sauce of meat, vegetables and spices. You can have their poutine or “hot mess” in many ways.

Join the fans of good food! Help the square in front of the Old Market Hall getting back to its original genius loci, support the local gastronomy and also have a great meal.

Come to enjoy the spring to the second Street Food Park of this year. Even if it would be windy outside, it should not stop you to enjoy pleasant moments with food and music inside.


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