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Svätý Jur Wine Cellars Day

Discover the wine treasures of the picturesque wine-growing townlet

Get to know the wine, stories and people of this amazing place in Svätý Jur. This year, there are 25 cellars that will open for two days.

Did you know that noted animator and cartoonist Viktor Kubal was born, popular actor and singer Michal Dočolomanský grew up and venerated erudite and rabbi Chatam Sofer worked in Svätý Jur? Local winemakers may also tell you this in their cellars at the end of February.


Bounds of Svätý Jur are one of the best preserved units of the original cultural landscape in Slovakia and provide ideal conditions for vine growing. The local climatic conditions are particularly suitable for the cultivation of white wine grape varieties.

The local vineyards are spread out on the southwestern slopes of the Little Carpathians and thanks to the unique terroir, wines of Svätý Jur have the best reputation among experts and wine lovers. Especially when it comes to Riesling.


Taste the famous wine from Svätý Jur, which many consider to be the best in the Bratislava county. For example, enjoy pruduction from winery Víno z kamenného dvora or from the Bognár Winery cellar. This wine celebration on Friday and Saturday 27th and 28th January provides a good opportunity to do so.

Since 2008, the Svätý Jur Wine Cellars Day has been organized by the Svätý Jur Wine Association. Nowadays, dozens of Svätý Jur winemakers regularly open their cellars, and the number of wine lovers is close to 2000.

Come to enjoy a pleasant time in a townlet with a rich wine culture and savour the wine traditions of the Little Carpathians to the bottom.

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