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Young Wine Festival

Bratislava will welcome first wines of the new vintage in the traditional time, on St. Martin’s Day

The metropolis of Slovakia will come alive again with celebrations of the arrival of Saint Martin. Former Saint Martin’s Days are now replaced by the Young Wine Festival. It is a celebration of young wine associated with tastings.

Fantastic sommelier and gastronomic experiences will be accompanied by a rich cultural programme. Everyone can enjoy not only young or mulled wine, but also various specialties.


Saint Martin is the most important Roman Catholic patron saint of the city, which is why Bratislava cheers up in his honour by entertaining and consecrating young wine in the city centre. On November 11th, the first wines of this year’s harvest are opened every year. Lovers of good wine can thus enjoy tasting delicious fluid until late evening.

The festival is not merely a celebration of the tremendous effort and results of vintners from Bratislava, but also of the municipality’s pursuit to strengthen the historical awareness Bratislava’s citizens hold for their own traditions. During the festival, the Exposition of viticulture on the ground floor and in the basement of the Apponyi Palace will be open until 20 p.m. The Slovak National Collection of Wine will also be open on Saturday.

In addition to the tasting of young wine, an accompanying programme will await the visitors. It will include concerts, a quiz on winery, competitions, a presentation of Bratislava winemakers and gastronomic specialties. The festival will also include thematic Roman Catholic services or Martinmas procession through the city streets.


Wine has a 3000 years long tradition in Bratislava and the country around. The hills around have fertile ground are filled with sun, which are ideal conditions for the grapewine production. No wonder, that it was a most important wine production region within Slovakia, in the past favoured by the Empress Maria Theresa.

It’s about time to taste the young wine from this year. Come to degustate it on November 11 and 12 on the Primate’s Square and courtyards of Primate’s Palace. Bratislavas winemakers will offer their youngest wines here every day during the event between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.

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