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From the ground

Let yourselves be ravished by the show taking you back to the roots. To the beginning, from the ground

During the exceptional Festival of tradition handed down, you can look forward to an original musical and dance production drawing on the roots of Vlach pastoral culture. It uncovers this culture and interprets it to the contemporary audience. The artwork was created from the theme of František Morong as part of the Folklab art education platform, which is under the umbrella of the Dragúni NGO together with the festival.

On Thursday, April 28 at 7:30 p.m. in L+S Studio you can transfer to Slovak sheep ranges and enjoy the artistic rendition of the alpine farming culture. The team of authors, composed of choreographers František Morong and Radoslav Piovarči with musician Dalibor Kocian alias Stron, puts five stylishly and artistically distinctive dancers in the theatre arena.

Vlach pastoral culture has been significantly preserved in many cultural and artistic expressions in the territory of today’s Slovakia. This stage scenery production was not included accidentally in the festival programme. The end of April is a period when even real shepherds and herdsmen, after a winter break, solemnly expel sheep to the sheep farms.

Come and see how Ondrej Galbička, Ján Michálik, Jakub Santer, Ján Záborský and Michal Zábražný portray this topic. Costumes were designed by Eva Olexíková and Lukáš Jurčo, whilst Ján Ptačin took care of scenography and lighting design. Milan Herich, Ján Michálik, Fero Morong and Radoslav Piovarči supervised the movement preparation of the dancers and Barbora Morongová collaborated professionally on the production.

A peculiar authorial and interpretative statement “From the ground” was created within the framework of the FolkLab (folklore laboratory) art education platform, connecting artists from various fields of art with the intention of initiating and stimulating mutual creative authorial cooperation with respect to learning about traditional culture and in order to search for mutually inspiring and inspiring ways of their public presentation. The creative team decrypts and reflects the image of Vlach pastoral culture and homeland to itself.

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