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Open Wine Cellars Day

The most famous wine event in Slovakia? The Little Carpathian Wine Route!

It’s that autumn time again when wine finally starts to feel comfortable in barrels. Like every November, the most beautiful wineries will open their cellars for friends of wine culture at the Little Carpathian Wine Route. More than 100 winemakers and cellars in 25 towns will welcome you with open door. Already the 24rd edition of good wine, food, friends and good mood, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of wine cellars in Little Carpathian region from Bratislava to Trnava.


Little Carpathian Viticultural Area contains 12 wine-growing districts located in the Little Carpathians. This is undoubtedly the largest area of this kind in Slovakia. The area is known for excellent red wines characteristic of difficult climatic conditions, as well for excellent white riesling, and highly appreciated for its quality wines.

The beginning of your wine journey can be in Devín, where you can taste not only grape but also typical currant wines, of which the people of Devín are proud, You can continue to Rača taste the best Frankovka.

Svätý Jur offers the most historical cellars. The oldest cellar is the Renaissance House, which already 500 years ago awakened people’s desire for a sip of wine in its stone cellars. From Svätý Jur, through the stop in Grinava, you can see the old vineyard vaulted house from 1887. Right opposite, however, you will find a modern wine showroom for comparison.

The wine route continues through Limbach, where you don’t forget to taste the famous Limbach Silvan. Pezinok welcomes you with its majestic Castle cellar. In Modra, a typical wine town, there are again the most cellars that you can easily walk through. Of course, your journey can also start here. There are many wineries, each one is different, each one has a unique story of a winemaker…



You can look forward to small cozy cellars and large modern wineries of Devín, Nové Mesto, Vajnory, Rača, Svätý Jur, Limbach, Modra, Častá, Doľany and Trnava. Excellent Little Carpathian wines, warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly meetings are ingredients for success.