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Trapped Escape Room

Do you like mysteries and riddles, know how to find unusual uses for things?

Gallery of Optical Illusions 3dland
3dland Gallery is the museum of optical illusions and 3D tricks in the center of Bratislava (SNP 474/15). 3dland Gallery is a…
Viktoria’s Gallery

Viktoria’s Gallery is a modern and contemporary art gallery located in the center of Bratislava.

Matej Krén passage
Don’t forget to visit the unique PASSAGE project by Matej Kren, installed in Palffy Palace (GMB), which achieves the illusion of infinite…
The Trinity Catholic Church

The official name of the church is the Church of Saint John of Matha and Saint Felix of Valois.

Slovak National Theatre – New Building

The New Building of the Slovak National Theatre was designed by the architects Martin Kusý, Pavol Paňák and Peter Bauer.

Cit Gallery
The Gallery Cit enables professional graphic artists to present and sell their pieces of art in the form of author´s exhibitions.
Roman Fecik Gallery
The Roman Fecik Gallery is focused on modern and contemporary art. Its main purpose is to evoke a spirit of private art collecting…
Slovak National Museum-Music Museum
20% discount with Bratislava Card* The Music Museum is a national documentary, scientific research and methodological workplace with nationwide competency that purposefully acquires,…
Craftselling – ÚĽUV Gallery and Shop of the Centre for Folk Art Production
The ÚĽUV shop located on Nám. SNP is enriched with a presentation part. We gradually introduce the selected particularities of separate regions of…
UMELKA Gallery
The UMELKA Gallery is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Slovakia. It was established by the Arts Association of Slovakia in 1925-1926.…
Flatgallery (Gallery of Contemporary Art)
Flatgallery has been opened since December 2012 as a private contemporary fine art gallery in the intimate environment of an inhabited flat. The…
“The gallery is to be,” Marian Mudroch wrote in the first annual catalogue of the gallery in 2011. Since then, the gallery has…