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1 – 4 Days Trip Guide

Although Slovakia is right in the centre of Europe, it is only recently that it has become known as a tourist destination.

Its unique history, attractive sights, rich cultural life, excellent local gastronomy, quality wine and modern shopping centres make Bratislava an ideal city-break destination.


Bratislava is open and hospitable but without the pitfalls of many other big cities. It is vibrant and full of people living for the moment. It can also be a place where you can switch off, relax and forget about your daily stresses. Everything is close and within easy reach. One minute you can enjoy the view of the majestic Cathedral. The next, you can sample traditional or contemporary cuisine, followed by a freshly brewed espresso in one of numerous cafés in picturesque  narrow streets and squares. The ancient  wine cellars, scattered across the city centre, offer wine tasting with a difference.


Bratislava is a place that has something for everybody. For lovers of history and arts, for admirers of opera or concert virtuosos, you can also find independent authentic culture as well as live multi-genre music in dozens of clubs and music bars. Bratislava is also the city of beer lovers. There are plenty of cosy small breweries located in the Old Town.


If you are looking for fresh air, combine it with a chance to shop and take a short walk from the city centre to modern shopping malls located on both banks of the Danube. They are open seven days  a week and offer a variety of shopping experience from designer brands to gift shops selling small gifts for your loved ones that you can pack together with the unforgettable memories of this city.

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