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2-day Visit

If you have just two days in Bratislava, be sure to enjoy the best it has to offer.

Besides the mainstay itinerary that includes a tour of the centre and a unique visit to the grounds of Bratislava Castle and its museum, you will be left with time enough to enjoy the best of our city. After a good coffee, head over to one of our galleries. Whether you are a modern art lover or you prefer something more classical, please check out Slovak art (did you know that Andy Warhol’s parents are from Slovakia?).

Or is it rather the international theatre stage that attracts you? In Bratislava, you will certainly find what you are looking for. The Nedbalka Gallery, the Museum of City History in the Old Town Hall, or one of the exhibitions at the Bratislava City Gallery will certainly appeal to you.


If art is not your thing , then visit one of the three main shopping malls in the close proximity to the city centre. For example, the riverside Eurovea centre is just 5 minutes’ walk from the Old Town.

If you are to experience just one sunset in Bratislava, then you must see it from the UFO restaurant, which “hovers” 87 m above SNP Bridge. You can combine it with fine dining. It is advised that you book a table in advance to guarantee the best view. Or are you looking for something more traditional? Then enjoy the sunset with a refreshing aperitif and move on to any one of the city centre’s many restaurants. The tourist information centre will gladly help you to choose the right restaurant according to you palate. You will be surprised at the delicacies you can find in hotel restaurants around Bratislava. The Matyšák Hotel serves up a pleasing combination of dinner with wine tasting from the cellars of the hotel owner, Mr Matyšák, one of the most renowned wine producers in the Small Carpathians region.


If you missed the wine tasting in the evening, or if the weather does not allow you, head off to the Slovak National Collection of Wine, offering an annual collection of the 100 best Slovak wines. The cellars of the Apponyi House are shared with the Museum of Viticulture. Here, you can taste a glass of any of the hundred best Slovak wines whilst walking through the museum exploring the viticulture history. The Museum offers various programmes, ranging from a quick tasting of four wines, through to a full-on wine tasting experience, where you can taste everything you see.

Alternatively, if you are not a fan of wine or you have some spare time, our Natural History Museum, ranked among the most significant in Europe, is well worth visiting. It can offer you about 2.5 million examples of both living and non-living nature, including a giant, life-sized model of a mammoth.


If you fancy a breath of fresh air, head off to Devín Castle. This romantic ruin stands on a rocky outcrop above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. In summer, you will be pleasantly refreshed by the breeze, in autumn you can soak up the glorious colours of the forests covering the surrounding hills, and in winter you will even come across skaters on the frozen arms of the Morava river. The history of the castle peak dates back to the time of the Celts, and you can find interesting archaeological excavations here. This place has also a more recent history.  The nearby border with Austria was a frequent point where escapes to freedom were attempted under the communist regime. On your way back, stop at one of the village wine taverns scattered around the castle ruin and try out a local speciality, the redcurrant wine. Though sweet, it may be treacherous, so be careful about the quantity! Devin is a little bit out of town but you can reach it by bus (public transport) within 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can rent a bike or book a minibus and a guide with one of the Bratislava’s travel agents.

After visiting Devin Castle, you may appreciate a relaxing visit of our Botanical Garden, which is located about halfway on the bus ride back to the city. The Botanical Garden offers a beautiful garden, park and last but not least, a greenhouse full of exotic species of plants from all over the world, including a pond with exotic fish.

An interesting experience for military history buffs are several war bunkers open to the public within the bounds of Petržalka’s “fortifications”. Here you will be transferred into a border guard from the times between the two wars.  Get a ride on a historical jeep or try out some period weapons.

If you find that two days are not enough, come to our tourist information centre and we will gladly find a hotel for you for an extra night.