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Crown your journey like Maria Theresa did in 1741

Bratislava has a rich history and culture that can still be seen in the city today – the most interesting places to visit can be found here.

Immerse yourself in the royal past and visit the city that saw the monarchs enjoying themselves with their glasses always full. Bratislava is known for its rich crowning history, the traces of which are still visible thanks to the well-known golden crown at the top of the St. Martin’s Cathedral and many other iconic places. The impressive Gothic cathedral saw coronations of ten kings, one queen and seven royal wives. How it all unfolded?

Royal past

Bratislava, which the Slovaks once called Prešporok, the Germans Pressburg and the Hungarians Pozsony, became the coronation city after the Turkish occupation of Hungary. At that time, Prešporok was a safe place near the imperial residential city of Vienna, chosen by the Hungarian nobles, secular and religious dignitaries as their sanctuary.

From 1536 onwards, Bratislava became the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. The small town on the Danube experienced a boom, it became the administrative center of the country, the seat of the King, the Archbishop and the Hungarian Council, as well as the crowning city of the Hungarian kings.

Between 1563 and 1830 St. Martin’s Cathedral saw coronations of ten kings, one queen and seven royal wives. The first crowned monarch was Maximilian of the Habsburg family, the famous coronation era of Bratislava ended with the coronation of Ferdinand V. The only queen crowned in Bratislava was Maria Theresa who had solemnly accepted the title and crown on June 25, 1741.

If you want to learn more about the history of the city, you should definitely visit the Bratislava City Museum in the Old Town Hall, which celebrates its 150th anniversary. Visitors can follow the historical events on touch screens. The stories told are associated with objects that has survived for hundreds of years.

History alive

Every year, the city recreates its royal past not only through its thematic interactive events but also through the favorite event, Bratislava Coronation Days. Immerse yourself in the past and enjoy the rich cultural program with locals.

Explore the coronation Bratislava
How process of coronation unfolds? What had the sovereign had to pass through during that time? Follow the coronation journey while playing a unique cryptographic game. Enjoy the original coronation journey during commented tours. Discover places associated with coronations independently using your mobile phone with an interactive encryption game.

Bratislava Coronation Days
The famous royal history fills the streets of the present-day city every year during the event Bratislava Coronation Days. The crowning atmosphere is enhanced by a spectacular cultural program. Enjoy a magnificent atmosphere in a crowning parade, on a historic fashion show or with a glass of imperial drink in your hand. Take a picture in a royal robe at the coronation photo – video point in St. Michael’s Tower.

When: June 22 – 29, 2018

Royal snacks
Want to snack on something? Definitely visit Konditorei Kormuth. The interior reminds of a small historical museum as walls are decorated with handmade frescoes. Enjoy the coffee from Franz Joseph’s china to the rhythm of pleasant classical music.

Bratislava is an ideal destination for an extended weekend, during which you will get to know the heart of our city. A number of museums and galleries in historic buildings are blooming with expositions – you can find more than 60 of them in our city. You will get free admission to up to 12 of them and to 11 of them with discounts up to 50% thanks to the Bratislava CARD.