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Slovak Radio

The Slovak Radio building is one of Bratislava‘s dominant architectural features.

Memorial House Of J. N. Hummel
Exhibition about the life and work of Bratislava-born and composer Johan N. Hummel (1778 – 1837) is located in the Renaissance garden house.…
Napoleonic soldier (Napoleónec)

Sit on a bench next to a statue of a Napoleonic soldier, which is there to commemorate the siege of the city

Ancient Gerulata Rusovce
The grounds of the today´s museum were once part of the Limes Romanus as the museum is located on the site of…
Bunker B-S 8 Hřbitov (The Cemetery)

Bunker B-S 8 Hřbitov (The Cemetery) dates from the 1930s, it was built as a part of the Czechoslovak defense system, specifically the Bratislava defense line.

Bunker B-S 6 Vrba (The Willow)

Bunker B-S 6 Vrba is one of the preserved buildings of the Bratislava section of the Czechoslovak fortifications, in the premises of which there is now a museum.

Trapped Escape Room

Do you like mysteries and riddles, know how to find unusual uses for things?

The Trinity Catholic Church

The official name of the church is the Church of Saint John of Matha and Saint Felix of Valois.

Slovak National Museum-Music Museum
20% discount with Bratislava Card* The Music Museum is a national documentary, scientific research and methodological workplace with nationwide competency that purposefully acquires,…
Museum of Crimes and Victims of Communism
The museum is in the early stage of its existence and is based on the voluntary work of professionals. It focuses on education…
Craftselling – ÚĽUV Gallery and Shop of the Centre for Folk Art Production
The ÚĽUV shop located on Nám. SNP is enriched with a presentation part. We gradually introduce the selected particularities of separate regions of…
Slovak National Museum – Červený Kameň Museum
The Červený Kameň Museum is situated in the historical buildings of Červený Kameň Castle, which is a dominant structure in the Little Carpathians…
Small Carpathian Museum
Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok is a regional museum presenting the history of viticulture and wine making in the Small Carpathian area. …