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Bratislava Lives at Night, too

Bratislava is more than just a city of historical museums, modern art galleries, and a beautiful castle peering above the capital. After the sun sets, Bratislava’s rich and vibrant nightlife begins. Following a busy day in the city’s streets, head to music clubs, discos or cabarets. You’ll find them in historic buildings, and even in boats on the river or an old nuclear bunker. Lovers of electronic, retro, hip hop, rock or latino music will definitely have a great time here.

The clubs come alive late at night, so you have time to start the evening with a glass of good wine in the wine bar Vínimka or taste the local beer on offer at the Meštiansky pivovar brewery. In stalls scattered throughout the city centre, you can find street food of every sort imaginable.

Music in a bunker

Subclub, located in the former nuclear bunker stretching underneath the Bratislava castle, is one of the most iconic clubs in Bratislava. It owes its specific atmosphere to the combination of military austerity and raw concrete architecture. Today, it plays mainly drum’n’bass, techno, indie, hardcore, jungle, dubstep, reggae and gothic music.

“It has already influenced two generations of young people in the capital. From Subclub, a strong Slovak scene of techno also evolved, which is internationally recognised. The best DJs from Subclub perform around Europe,” says writer Michal Hvorecký, who dedicated one of his short stories to this special place.

Another legendary club located in a non-traditional space is Trafo with a functional transformer station directly inside the club. It focuses on hip-hop, R’n’B and EDM. For oldies music, head out to the Luna Bar with original interiors from the 1970s. You will find it in the hotel Kiev, once one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. In the Barrock Club, rock music lovers will certainly have a great time, while Nu Spirit Bar focuses on the underground scene. If you are a holder of the Bratislava CARD City & Region tourist card, you will get a discount on the entrance and a welcome drink.

In Bratislava, you can also enjoy a voyage on a party boat or dance disco on boats anchored on the Danube’s banks.

From club to club

The best and most exclusive club in the city is The Club on the premises of the recently renovated hotel Park Inn Danube. It is located at the beginning of the line of music clubs winding from Hviezdoslavovo Square via Ventúrska, Michalská and Obchodná Streets. On the weekends, this part of Old Town features an especially vibrant nightlife.

Special experiences await you in the authentic Red Cat Cabaret. Here, you can enjoy a sensual show, meet attractive guests, and taste a selection of quality wines. Holders of the tourist card have a 10 percent discount on drinks.

Night romance

Do you dislike noisy clubs? Choose one of the night tours organised by Luka Agency. They start with a drive across the city at night around the prestigious presidential palace, followed by a stop at the Bratislava Castle, topped off with a view from the terrace above the UFO restaurant at the top of the SNP Bridge. The lift will take you to a height of 95 metres, from where you will have a great view over the whole city. The contrast of historic monuments and modern glass buildings will instantly blend past with present.

After returning to the historic centre, walk with a guide through the streets of Old Town. You will find out which square is one of the most beautiful in Europe or which street in the city is the narrowest.

“Visitors usually enjoy the view from the SNP Bridge, the nicely illuminated historic building of the Slovak National Theatre and the Carlton Hotel on Hviezdoslavovo Square and the Main Square,” says Ľubica Ondrašíková of the Luka Agency. Holders of the tourist card get a 10 percent discount on the tour.