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Sightsee Bratislava Less Traditionally

Do you like to discover cities in unconventional ways? In Bratislava, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the capital less traditionally. If you’re an active person, try a running tour. For those in search of more relaxation, there are tourist train cars, cruises on the Danube, or a ride in the communist Škoda car on offer. The latter connects nostalgia with unique locations in Bratislava which tourists do not usually go to. Sightseeing can also be fun with adventure game like the Brainteaselava City Game.

Each tour offers a different experience. The Bratislava CARD City & Region tourist card will surely help to choose the most suitable for you. With the card, you can learn the most important things about the city during a free one-hour tour of the historic centre. For other tours, ask for interesting discounts.

Bratislava at a faster pace

Do you love to exercise, even during holidays or business trips? If so, the running sightseeing tour is perfect for you. During the tour, you will see the city’s landmarks, and enjoy beautiful views, all while doing something great for your health.

“Runners are a special category of people. We run in almost every type of weather,” says guide Michal Ajpek, who combine his two hobbies – walking and guiding. Whether you love history or nature, GO Running Tours offers several routes that differ not only in length but also in difficulty.

The most popular route is the Up and Down via the Old Town with stops at the Bratislava Castle and the Slavín war memorial. Here, the guide will even let you take a water break to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Another popular route focuses on nature rather than monuments. Runners will get a taste of the popular recreation areas Kamzík and Železná Studienka. Fortunately, these places are incredibly close to the city centre. Within a few minutes, you’ll be free of the city buzz and in hilly forests.

By train car around the city

If running is not your cup of tea, take a tourist train car. It will take you down the streets of Old Town to the Main Square with the oldest fountain in Bratislava, the ancient churches and the last preserved city gate.

At the castle, the train stops for about 20 minutes, plenty of time to visit the recently restored Baroque garden. Before continuing the tour back to the city centre, have a look from the castle’s terrace to see if you can spot Austria. None of the wind turbines on the horizon are in Slovakia.

City on the beautiful blue Danube

The city looks completely different from the river. Savour the capital’s changing skyline during a fast boat ride. As an added value, the wind will ripple through your hair while the occasional water splash will cool you down on hot summer days.

Another possibility is a sightseeing cruise from the city to Devín Castle. This is one of the oldest castles in Slovakia, perched on a rock 212 meters above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Bikers can take their bikes on the deck and continue from Devín on their own.

Recent past in a retro car

“Having a ride in a legendary Škoda car around the city is a great experience,” says Braňo Chrenka of the travel agency Authentic Slovakia, which takes tourists on alternative sightseeing tours.

It may easily happen that after stopping at Slavín to look at the prefabricated housing estates built during the communist regime or the posh residential area below the Castle, you will have to push the car just like the good old times. It really is an authentic experience!