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Bratislava turns to Festival Country of Traditions

At the end of April, Slovak traditions in all their varied shades will flock to the capital of Slovakia

After a covid pause shrouded in social distancing and amusement fasting, the time has finally come. Both the Easter holidays and the period of measures have passed and we can all take a deep breath again.

With a sip of fresh air and a whiff of hope for new beginnings comes another edition of the popular festival. Its offer focused on the last three April days is alluring.


The spring interactive Festival of tradition handed down offers a chance to dance to the full, bringing experiential dance, music and creative workshops with masters of their craft, interactive artistic productions for little as well as big ones. The best of the best will convince you in Bratislava during three festival days that this really is an extraordinary festival of traditional culture in its many forms.

The next edition of the family festival focused on active knowledge of traditional culture, will also bring a special edition of the long-term cycle The House of Traditional Dances, inscribed in the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices in Slovakia.

Whether it’s themed children’s dancehouses or advanced master classes, everyone will find their own. Of course, all supervised by prominent personalities of the Slovak folklore movement.


The professionalism and practical experience of invited lecturers and performing artists guarantee an exceptional experience that is not offered every day. The leaders of the dance and house movement under one roof with excellent bands and musicians promise great fun and intense joy.

On Thursday, April 28, Studio L+S Studio you can see the original musical and dance production “From the ground” drawing on the roots of Vlach pastoral culture. It is the end of April when the shepherds and herdsmen solemnly expel the sheep herds to the sheep farms after the winter break. On Friday, 29 April, three exceptional musicians will perform at the Nedbalka Gallery. Ján Kružliak from Spectrum Quartett, Michal Noga from Michal Noga Folk Band and Jureš Liška from Fallgrapp with their guest Júlia Kozáková will premiere a concert featuring their unique, joint creative achievements and inspirations.


The festival mood continues on Saturday, April 30, with a varied program in the Bratislava forest park near the Klepáč mill at Železná studienka. You can try and savour everything: physical activities, dance lessons with the best dance masters from all over Slovakia, puppet theatre, folklore circus, as well as creative craft workshops and games for children or putting up the maypoles. The festival will culminate at 6 p.m. with the The House of Traditional Dances.

Learning the skills of previous generations and passing them on to subsequent generations is a fundamental principle of traditions. An important pillar for building a positive relationship with the heritage of the ancestors is played by society and the family. The programme of the family festival dramaturgically directed by František Morong and Barbora Morongová therefore offers unique dance, music and creative workshops experience with masters of their craft, complemented by interactive artistic productions for the little and big ones, thus significantly contributing to the development of traditional culture today.


Celebrate the spring at the unique festival dedicated to tradition handed down as a tribute to all those precious folk traditions preserving and depicting the way of life that have come down to us. Spend a big time enjoying superb rhythms, fabulous music, interactive presentations, intangible cultural heritage phenomena, gorgeous people and great atmosphere only cultural heritage of Slovakia can provide.