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Restaurants & Bistro

The new star among quality restaurants not far from the Opera provides a unique combination of the very…

LOCLUB – Food & Music
Situated in the heart of the city, LOCLUB represents a blend of a top-tier restaurant and a contemporary…

Restaurant Parlament
An ideal place for those seeking an exceptional gastronomic experience with a view of the Danube.

Bubbles is a trendy restaurant with a bar on the Danube river.

Malewill Café Bistro
Located in one of the oldest burgher houses in Bratislava and named after a post-apolcalyptic novel..

Bocca Buona
Pizza, Pasta e basta. Simplicity of Italian cuisine in Bratislava.

Visit Mondieu bistro and relax having a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate or having a glass of…

BeAbout is place for all ‘outcasts of the outcasts’, or simply anyone who feels awkward in any kind…

We believe that the best things come from within. Our passion for excellence is our key value.

Petite Crêperie
You would be very much mistaken if you were expecting the crepes in this shop to be rolled…

Orbis Street Food
Orbis Street Food offers food from around the world in the centre of Bratislava, and it is the…

Botel Gracia
Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, closing an important business deal or meeting with family, friends or colleagues,…

Nivy Centre
Exceptional fusion of a modern bus station, a top-class shopping center or relaxation with a view