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Spring Full of Sport in Bratislava

Apart from green parks, sight-seeing and sunny squares, Bratislava offers sport enthusiasts attractive opportunities like competing in the oldest athletic event in Slovakia, enjoying Bratislava while riding on its numerous cyclist routes or many other sport activities that will surely recharge batteries of even those most exhausted.

Bratislava marathon

The Marathon, which was first held in 2006 under the name of the Bratislava City Marathon, is now an indispensable part of the sporting spirit of the capital. The marathon has a unique atmosphere because every participant is there for one thing – to support a good cause! The event also features the social projects 43th Kilometer that support disabled or socially disadvantaged children and youth.

In addition to the main discipline of the ČSOB marathon (42,195 km), runners can choose from several other, more traditional disciplines, like 10 km run (10 km), mini marathon (4.2 km), child run (300 m – 800 m), toddler race (5 m), half marathon (21,098 km) and relay runs.


This oldest road run, which is at the same time the oldest athletic event in Slovakia, was founded in 1921. Only a few runners and thousands of enthusiastic spectators joined the early runs. The Run has always been a great social event for Bratislava.

For already three decades, the “small” National Run Devín for students and amateurs has been organized alongside the “big” National Run Devín to promote running as a natural physical activity available to everybody. The Run is special because aside excellent professional runners it also attracts thousands of amateur runners for whom this race is the only running event they take part in. For some amateur runners it is also a matter of honor.


The oldest city park, the largest Slovak housing estate (Petržalka), modern quarters on the waterfront, the Devin Castle overlooking the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers – a place where the Celts, Romans and Slavs left their marks – all of that in one day! How is that possible? Hop on a bike and see for yourself! Ride through the untouched nature of the river Morava’s floodplain on the border with Austria, stop by the remains of the Iron Curtain and bunkers from the 2nd World War and at the world-famous Sandberg fossil site. On your way back to the city center, enjoy the views from the deck of the sightseeing boat.


When the weather is nice, do not miss the opportunity to go climbing Koliba or Kamzík. If you follow the red trail mark, you will reach the wooden lookout. It is located on the Americká lúka near the Kamzík TV Tower. From its top you can see the beautiful panorama of the city – a truly breathtaking view and probably one of the best in Bratislava. The path leads through the forest and takes about 15 minutes.

Another high-altitude point worth visiting is Sandberg. Sandberg is a remnant of the sea reef that stood on the border with Austria around 14 to 16 million years ago. The Sand hill is the most western outpost of the Devin Carpathians. In the spring, the area around Sandberg is full of colorful flowers which in combination with a beautiful view of the Morava river, Devin Castle and Austria make the place and irresistible delight for eyes and soul alike. When the weather is good, a sharp eye can even spot the Alps.