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A Long Night of Museums is to shroud Bratislava

In the mid-May, the gates of museums and galleries across Bratislava will remain open until late. The Long Night of Museums will also offer a manifold accompanying programme

The Long Night of Museums in Slovakia is connected with the feast of museums and galleries around the world – the International Day of Museums, when museums remind the public that they are here to remember the richness of our cultural heritage, its importance for the knowledge of our pilgrimage, after which we follow the knowledge of where we come from, who we are and where we are heading.

Pan-European night under the auspices of the Council of Europe in order to present the cultural heritage as much as possible has gained a great popularity in a short time and attracts a large number of visitors every year. The 18th edition of the Night of Museums and Galleries will take place on one day throughout Slovakia on Saturday, 14 May. The doors of museums and galleries will remain open to visitors until late in the evening and at night to allow them to see the exhibitions.

The activities of museums and galleries are aimed mainly at expanding the traditional offer of museums and activities that remain hidden from the public throughout the year. The repository tours, restoration demonstrations, expert advice in various fields from artistic to natural sciences, or night tours of exhibitions with an eye-catching interpretation of curators are activities that will help the public, also through the knowledge and information gained in this way, to better understand the importance of museums and galleries and their role in the preservation, protection and accessibility of cultural heritage.

The decision to establish the International Day of Museums was taken by the General Conference of the ICOM International Council of Museums in Moscow in 1977. The resolution on the establishment of the International Museum Day on 18 May was supported by 108 national committees. Eighteen years ago, the French initiative to establish the Nuit européenne des musées also sought to promote the importance of the IDM. The European Night of Museums takes place under the auspices of the Council of Europe.

The event should present cultural heritage, the importance of its preservation and protection in cultural exchange, dissemination of information on the cultural diversity of individual countries and regions of Europe, in informal education and cultivated relaxation.

During the Night of Museums and Galleries, museums and galleries focus on what remains hidden from the public throughout the year. At that time, museums open their “hidden” chambers to the public and reveal secrets hidden from the public’s eyes. The aim of this night is to expand the traditional offer of museums with activities otherwise hidden by the eyes of visitors. In this way, the public can penetrate the secrets of “museum cuisine”. ‘Uncovering secrets’ also helps the public to better understand the importance of museums in preserving the cultural and natural heritage preserved in museums and galleries through the knowledge and information thus acquired.

On the second Saturday in May you can do so in Bratislava, e.g. in the museums of the Slovak National Museum (Natural History Museum, Museum of History, Archaeological Museum, Music Museum, Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia, Museum of Carpathian Germans Culture, Museum of Jewish Culture as well as Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia), in the Slovak National Gallery, in expositions of the Bratislava City Museum in Ancient Gerulata Museum, at the Devín Castle, in the Old Town Hall, in Apponyi Palace, Johann Nepomuk Hummel Museum, Arthur Fleischmann Museum, Museum of Pharmacy and Museum of Clocks, in Mirbach Palace and Pálffy Palace of the Bratislava City Gallery as well as in the Central European House of Photography, in Czech Centre Bratislava, Czechoslovak Fortification Museum, Design Gallery Satelit, in the International House of Art for Children Bibiana, in Museum of Customs and Financial Administration, in Museum of Education and Pedagogy, Museum of Trade, National Edification Centre, in Nedbalka Gallery, in Police Museum, in Railway Museum, in Slovak Design Center, in Slovak Olympic and Sports Museum, in Transport Museum, ÚĽUV Gallery, in Umelka Gallery, in University Library, in Waterworks Museum and in Zichy Old Town Gallery. Unified admission is in the amount of 5 Euros.

Discover on this day and especially on this night the treasures of museums and galleries, their programmes, exhibitions and various events. Historical and modern spaces of dozens of museums, galleries, exibition venues, palaces and other monuments will show Bratislava and Slovak cultural wealth from an unconventional point of view.