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Top 10 in Bratislava

If you’re planning a trip to Slovakia’s capital, definitely don’t miss the top sites and places of interest that make Bratislava remarkable. Stroll the streets of the city from the historic Old Town Hall to the modern UFO Bridge. No visit to Bratislava would be complete without taking in all these attractions. Some of them have free admission while others charge a small entrance fee and accept discount passes. But the best suggestion is to purchase the Bratislava CARD. It not only lets you travel around Bratislava for free, but the card gives you many other benefits and discounts as well.

1. Bratislava Castle

The former seat of the rulers, today the symbol of Bratislava and the seat of the Museum of History. There is a wonderful view of the city and the neighbouring countries from its 47-metre-high crown tower in which royal coronation jewels used to be deposited.

Entrance: 10 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 100 %

A Tour of the Museum of History

Bratislava Tourist Board in cooperation with SNM – the Museum of History organizes every Saturday in July – August a tour of the Museum of History in Bratislava Castle in English language. The tour is intended for individual visitors of the castle who purchase a valid ticket or use the Bratislava CARD.

Overall, there are 9 tours prepared with the duration of 1 hour each, starting at 11:00 AM.
Meeting point: in front of the cash desk of SNM – the Museum of History at the Bratislava Castle. The tour guide will be easy to spot. During the tour, the participants will receive information about the castle grounds and visit the Castle History exposition. Other areas of the castle can be viewed individually without the tour guide.

The price of the guided tour is included in the ticket price.
The first tour starts on July 6. 

2. St. Martin’s Cathedral

A three-nave Gothic church from the 15th century and the former coronation church. A gilded replica of the coronation crown fixed on the top of the cathedral tower at a height of 85 metres and weighing 150 kg reminds of this glorious age.

3. Old Town Hall

The former seat of the city self-government is since 1868 the seat of the Bratislava City Museum, the oldest museum in Slovakia. After climbing up the narrow stairs leading to its 45-metre-high tower you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view of the Old Town.

Entrance: 5 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 100 %

4. Primate’s Palace

A Classicist palace built in the 18th century in which the Peace of Pressburg was signed after Napoleon’s victory at the Battle of Austerlitz between the representatives of the French and Austrian emperors. The Palace houses a gallery depositing a unique collection of six English tapestries from the 17th century and also serves as the seat of the Mayor of Bratislava.

Entrance: 2,40 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 20 %

5. Michael’s Gate

The only preserved gate of the city fortification system dates back to the 14th century. The upper terrace of its 51-metre-high tower provides an enchanting view of the Bratislava Castle and the Old Town. The tower houses the Museum of Arms.

Entrance: 4, 50 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 100 %

6. Grassalkovich Palace

A Rococo summer palace from the 18th century used to be known for its rich social life and a famous composer Joseph Haydn also performed here. Since 1996 it serves as the seat of the President of the Slovak Republic.

7. Blue Church

The St. Elizabeth’s church built in the Art Nouveau style at the beginning of the 20th century is remarkable for the blue colour of its façade made with attention to detail with often use of mosaic. It is a popular place for weddings and baptisms.

8. Slavín

The largest war memorial in Central Europe is thanks to its height of 52 metres one of the dominating features of the city skyline. It is the burial ground of 6845 soldiers of the Soviet army who died during the liberation of Bratislava in World War II.

9. Synagogue

The synagogue was constructed in 1923 – 1926 in the Cubist style according to the plans of the architect Artur Szalatnai-Slatinský. The permanent exhibition of the Jewish Community Museum is installed upstairs and is open to the public during the summer season.

Entrance: 6 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 50 %

10. UFO

A unique observation deck on the pylons of the SNP Bridge at a height of 95 metres with amazing views of the city and visibility of up to 100 km. It offers the most beautiful sunset combined with a culinary experience.

Entrance: 7,40 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 25 %

Bonus: Tours

During the tour you will learn lots of interesting things about the city’s past and present and can admire the stunning architecture of palaces, burgher’s houses and church buildings.

1-hour walking tour in the historical centre | Free for tourist card holders.

Other tours:

  • Bratislava – Pressburg – Pozsony – exploring the historical centre of Bratislava
  • Coronation Bratislava
  • Myths, legends and mysteries of old Bratislava
  • Famous people and Bratislava
  • Bratislava during the reign of Maria Theresa
  • Bratislava’s fountains
  • The Sacral Bratislava
  • Jewish Bratislava
  • Bratislava – a town of music
  • Bratislava Route – a walking tour and bus tour
  • Little Carpathians Route

More tips

Devín Castle

A castle ruin built on a high rock towering above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers is one of the most important historical and archaeological localities in Central Europe. Moreover, it offers enchanting natural scenery with unrepeatable views.


The Great Moravian Mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius: May it be a map, leaflet, or book about Saints Cyril and Methodius that you come across or perhaps you will hear, right at the foot of the Devín Castle, bits of the castle’s history from an innovative infopanel, or you may simply use the Storymap, the electronic guide when travelling along the Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius, where you can learn about historical sights and places linked to the Great Moravia bearing the legacy of the Thessaloniki brothers.

Entrance: IV – X  5,00 €,  XI – III   2,00 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 100 %

Schöne Náci

A famous local eccentric who lived here in the first half of the 20th century was thanks to his elegance and kind-heartedness an integral part of the hue of the Bratislava promenade and its cafes.


Rubberneck (Čumil)

The bronze figure of a man peeping out of a canal is undoubtedly the most photographed statue in the city.


Matej Krén Passage

This unique design was installed in the Pálffy Palace (GMB) to evoke an illusion of an endless space made from books. It has been praised by many world experts and a number of visualisations and photo – graphs have been published in major fine arts journals throughout the world.

Entrance: 4 €, discount with Bratislava Card City & Region 100 %



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