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Shopping in the Old Market Hall has style. Come see for yourselves & meet the locals
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Romantic flavours of May

May is the time of love. And where better to experience a romantic dinner than right…
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Tiles of Bratislava and the Art of Imitation

In Slovakia iconic Čierne diery are no longer only printing popular graphics, but published a bestselling…
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Rendez-vous at the Gardens

Interesting Bratislava locations will reveal their colorful secrets
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Knights at the Devín Castle

The national symbol of Slovakia above the confluence of rivers Moravia and the Danube will shroud…
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Shopping in the Old Market Hall has style. Come see for yourselves & meet the locals

Bratislava Book Market

The largest book market in Slovakia that returned books into the streets

Critical Mass Bratislava

Maybe you know this cycling celebrating event from your home, come join the Bratislava edition

In the Footsteps of Legionnaires

In the past, the Danubeland was inhabited by many peoples and ethnicities, which over the past 1500 years have left their mark on the land

Tradition Untraditionally: Linen and Hemp

The third exhibition from the successful series “Tradition Untraditionally“, presented in the ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava, brings us closer the Non-ageing popularity of field plants – linen and hemp.

In these endeavours the main subject of the artist is the human body. With expressive unfaltering lines based on the dynamic and…

Drawing in Space

Tinkering is included in UNESCO’s World List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The exhibition presents the works of creators who are united by the search for artistic positions of wire. Objects, sculptures, utilitarian objects and jewelry are a cross-section of three decades of their work.

Domus Artis – Festival of Chamber Music

The spring chamber music festival in the Albrecht House revives the tradition of presenting chamber music in the authentic environment on Kapitulská, the oldest street in Bratislava

Street Food Park

You can have a great meal in the Old Market Hall every month of the year

The Art That Remains

The exhibition presents a long-overlooked set of works from the Slovak National Gallery collection as acquired from the legendary International Biennial of Young Artists DANUVIUS 68 that took place under dramatic circumstances following the August occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Danube Brunch Cruise

Sunday for the unit starts with brunch on the boat. Enjoy a sweet and savory breakfast or start straight away with lunch. The choice is yours, the offer is varied

Hlt kože

In the gallery, the set up environment slumbers and waits for you to bring it to life. It hungers for human presence. It will become fulfilled when you expose your body to its effects and pour your content into it.