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A year full of experiences

Bratislava offers a lot in every season

We experienced a lot together. In the capital of Slovakia and in its vicinity, we enjoyed gastronomy, played sports, got to know the culture, but above all, we enjoyed life together.

Although the aftermath of the pandemic lingers on, there was a lot to enjoy this year. At first we enjoyed fun and learnt a lot at various exhibitions, and then the Valentine’s day brough us closer together.

Together we celebrated the historic success of the Slovak hockey team at the Olympic Games. After almost ten years, Bratislava experienced a wild hockey celebration when our hockey players brought back a bronze medal from Bejing.

Together, we took a closer look at perhaps the biggest symbol of the capital and at the same time one of the most famous buildings in Slovakia, the unique Bratislava Castle. Probably every child in Slovakia knows what it looks like, but there are still a few interesting things that you might not have known about it.

We celebrated the spring holidays not only with a hearty feast, but also with walks in the awakening nature. Speaking of walks, we could enjoy the most unforgettable ones during Bratislava City Days. During its “birthday”, the metropolis offered a varied program that made the April weekend more enjoyable for everyone.

We also enjoyed a lot of romance. Whether it was in May or in the fall, the nature lured us to explore its hidden gems. It is so easy to fall in love  with Bratislava. Nature lovers and those longing for a soft touch of flower petals could enjoy the extravaganza of colors during the Rendez-vous at the Gardens.

We were also captivated by the traditions as well as the charm of the times long gone. During this year, Bratislava turned into a festival land of traditions, hosted skilled master craftsmen, welcomed an ancient ship and went crazy at Roman Games. We were transported back to the time when knights roamed the roads, waged a fierce battle for Bratislava and waited it out till the borders opened once more.

The biggest cherry on the top were undoubtedly Bratislava Coronation Days. Thanks to the diverse program, we found ourselves in the old Pressburg again and could see the capital as it was in times long gone. With free tours, we celebrated the World Tourist Guides Day and also the World Tourism Day. We also could explore Bratislava through the eyes of SNT actors.

We played a lot of sports, too. We ran a marathon in , as well as a run with Devín Castle as a starting point, cycled like pros at Tour de France, enjoyed the event 500 kilometers of Slovakia and marvelled at the noble beauty of horses at the equestrian festival. It’s a pity that we missed the New Year’s Eve run across the bridges. Hopefully we can fix that the next year.

Spring and autumn were marked by music. It was played in churches, theaters, concert halls, clubs, cultural centers and creative spaces. The summer again was bustling and hustling with big open-air festival projects. During the Advent, the music was played in more intimate spaces.

Bratislava comes to life after dark. The Long Night of Museums  and the White Night  are always events to look forward to. Bratislava is never more beautiful than during these events.

We enjoyed great gastronomy all year round, especially in the spring and in the fall. What better beverage to drink after a hearty meal than wine? The nearby wine region makes sure that your glass is always full.

We started the wine-growing season on St. Urban’s Day, the patron saint of wine-growers. And while we were busy solving the mystery of what the Bratislava’s vicinity is hiding in its cellars, the vintages popped all around us. Not only Little Carpathian region, but also Záhorie region had their say in this. Young wines were just a cherry on the top.

The final month of the years brings the Advent and, of course, the most wonderful time of the year. Together, we enjoyed the magic of Christmas, strolled around Christmas market and celebrated the holidays in the city. In the meantime, we also had time to peek into the phenomenally renovated premises of Slovak National Gallery. We didn’t even know notice, and the New Year’s Eve was upon us.

Despite the varied program the capital offered, we still managed to find time to explore Bratislava’s vicinity. We often stopped in Modra. This picturesque vineyard townlet near the capital is an ideal destination for a short pleasant trip. The locals are rightly proud of their wine-growing tradition and the production of majolica. However, Modra is also known as the place of work and final resting place of an important figure of the Slovak national revival, Ľudovít Štúr.

In the summer, the square with its atmosphere is reminiscent of Tuscan towns. Over the entire wine season, there is always something interesting to do, especially on weekends. We hope you remember the wine market, a sneak peek at local wine cellars, a relax at a picnic, a taste of local tradition, dreams in the fairytale world, tour of vineyards in the vicinity, a lovely evening filled with music in unique settings, demonstration of pottery production and tasting of wine of St. Catherine.

This has been an eventful year. We are glad that you spent it with us. If you are longing for more, make sure to visit Bratislava again the next year.

Bratislava is a great city. There is always something to do and see. Keep in touch for more!